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  • Origin: Austria - Vienna
  • In existence since: 1995

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Loving music and examining the possiblities of electronic sound creation, Harald Schuller was interested in Synthesizers since he was six. In 2009 he began to put his own music on the air (on the web).

Harald Schuller was born with musical talents. At the age of 6, he was already impressed by Pink Floyd’s “Welcome to the machine”, where an extensive set of different synthesizer sounds was used. Interested in this kind of music, he got a synthesizer book from his brother where different sound creation techniques were described (also in a technical manner). No wonder that he decided to buy synthesizers and play electronic music - but this was still a long way to go (and also an expensive one ;-).

Hearing music from Pink Floyd, Eela Craig, Supertramp, Jean Michel Jarre, Mike Oldfield but also Cream, Jon Lord, Al di Meola, Isao Tomita and later Pat Metheny Group and classical artists, he discovered different kinds of music and widened his interests.

At the age of 12 his parents bought him an electric organ, which he learned in a more or less auto didactic way. He graduated the Higher Technical School for Telecommunication and Electronics and focused himself on hardware development and electronic circuits. So playing the instrument was pushed in the background but the dream of making music with modern instruments and sequencers was still in his mind.

So after getting the first job and earning his first money, he went straight into the music store and ordered a digital sampling synthesizer, the Kurzweil K1000.

Accompanied by a small hardware sequencer Harald started now his first experiments. Also interested in harmony theory he bought a lot of books. In this stage everything went on in small steps - but fighting with self doubts he continued to compose and arrange music by self-teaching and experimenting.

Later on he bought a Roland Synthesizer sound module and other recording hardware, which was very inspiring. A lot of short experimental pieces came up at this time. One of those pieces are “Stratos” and “Relax”.

At this period, he started to play jam sessions with friends. Those jam sessions were quite funny but had no long term effect. But it helped to get more experience with recording and guitar arrangement.

The following years were busy - a new job as software developer and travelling interests brought musical work into background.

In 2009 - after a break of nearly 10 years - Harald decided to re-record some of his early pieces with new hardware (Yamaha ES90ES) and distribute them as MP3 pieces for free download - released on the "Grande Blu" album.

Following was the "Let Me Live" Trilogy - a release of an early recording created with his friend.

In 2010 he introduced himself with mastering techniques and state of the art DAW software. As a result he released "Dance"  - an improvisational piece for Synthesizer and Piano.

New releases will follow.

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