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Gotika photo

"It's all about the music...."


Sweeping soundscapes, drones, nature backdrops, acoustic instruments, synthesizers, and percussion. Gotika tailors each song to a specific person.

"Ambient emotions exist within each of us, the random thoughts that color our day, these have a sound...."

captures the spiritual side of his audience and takes them for a journey often backed by state-of-the-art visuals. Over the last few years, the news events around us have provided composition material as well. "I Offer Myself" was written and sent to the King of Saudi Arabia and to His cabinet in a plea to release the Saudi Girl in January 2008. "Tibetan Prayers" was composed in response to the uprising and violence against the people of Tibet.

"The music is alway first, I am nothing but a tool used to create what you hear...."

Gotika is currently working on the second album. It should be released this fall. Please enjoy what you hear and perhaps allow it to take you away too, to a place where clarity and vision exist.

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