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This new release on Section 27 is simply one of the finest (and longest!) albums we have released yet.

Hailing from Galway, Ireland is one Ventolyn & Becotyde who brings us “[Audissect]“, a 22 track opus that tickles your ears gently with its warm synths, kicks you in the face with basslines (see “Bass Tamers System Lick”) whilst the fractured glitchy beats shine like glass shards. Suffice to say it’s got many sides to its form.

[Audissect] comes on like an album of many moods, yet always retains its “wholeness”. We have a feeling there are nothing but better things to come from this artist but for now we have this to wrap our heads around. An absolute sonic delight in the headphones, [Audissect] is now available for free download from Section 27, and Jamendo.

Coming soon on 49 Mannequins & Pavillion 36

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