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Get in touch with me if you would like to feature some of my music in your project.
whether it's commercial or non-commercial production I'm happy to hear from you.


>> The idea to create my own musical project came to me in 2003, when I had began to create and record my own musical compositions. All instrument parts (guitars, bass, piano, drums) are composed by myself.


>> SH music could be described or labelled as many different types of music.. heavy rock music, electro-rock music and in some instances 8bit rock. All in all the best way to describe SH music is to say that it is all straight from the heart.


>> In 2009 I began experimenting with SID chiptune and Cynthcart (Commodore 64) to create a blend of original 8bit sound from 80's and Rock music.


>> Overall a dose of some fresh and energy music to the ears...


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