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Antipope photo

Antipope are a Finnish extreme metal band from Oulu, Finland. Antipope crosses the traditional boundaries between various styles of metal. Antipope's sound is constantly on the move but usually songs bring together elements of modern extreme metal (black metal, death metal) and traditional heavy metal. The most accurate label to the date has been "cabaret metal".


Antipope realeased first self-published EP Scorched Heavens in the year 2004. Thereafter Antipope has released two EPs, Chaosmos in 2008 and Excessive Use of Faith in 2009.In early year 2010 Antipope wrote and recorded the first full-length album, entitled Desert. The album was released via internet in the spring 2010 the CD-version of the album was released in October 2010.

In August 2011 Antipope finalized recording of 2nd full-length album House of Harlot. A Finnish record label Violent Journey Records offered to publish the album. The 2nd LP by Antipope was released on 30th of November 2011.


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