• Origin: Russia - Moscow
  • Website: http://wmri.ru/
  • In existence since: 2003

Most Popular Songs

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WMRI photo


Musical project which creates electronic music in various styles, mainly traditional electronic, including Berlin school, ambient, dark ambient and space music. Project was initially intended to produce for self pleasure, generally in spite of fashion, for personal use and listening, and has never betrayed this principle.


The music being created for long time is continuously transforming, genres are changing, but only one thing stays intact - recognizable style. If in the beginning works are rather accessible, melodic and simple, then later project was turning towards ever more experimental territories of dark music and minimalism.


History of WMRI began with creation of the first track - After Rain. All albums until this moment have been created simultaneously as a rule therefore spread in time of material writing can be rather long. Lately project switched to creation of EPs.

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