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I started making music at age 7, starting with piano lessons, and eventually, age 15, I started playing the guitar. It wasn't long before I realised I wanted to write my own songs, so at about age 18 I started writing and composing on guitar. At this stage I had composed a bit on Impulse Tracker, a DOS based mod tracker, but lacked any gear to record my compositions from instruments.

Having moved to Cape Town to study, I played in a band called First Century, with one gig at our church's party of that year, and then we regrouped to Even. Here I moved on from lead guitar to bass. After another couple of changes in this line-up, I ended up in 2000 writing material for myself only.

I recorded my first EP in 2004, followed by a full-length album in 2006, another album in 2010 and a 'live' studio album in 2010. Since then I've started recording and writing more instrumental music, and is currently recording as I compose.

My music influences are so varied, that my music have touches of folk, rock, metal, jazz, blues, traditional Afrikaans music, classical.... Can you pick it up in my songs? I doubt it, it just all blends together as an ode to everyone that's had any influence on my playing.

I don't do music for a living, but love it to no end. I hope you can enjoy it too.

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