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Forkys_(2) photo


Forkys formed 2000 years after the year defined as “Zero”, by Dominique A. (performer and musician) and Vril (sound engineer and designer). They chose for their band a name from the pantheon of Ancient Greek gods. Forkys used to be the God of Water (like Poseidon) and He was the father of many mythological monsters.


As His sentiments vary from the extremely calm to the absolute angry, like the sea waves do, the band’s compositions reflect several moods, also. Gothic, industrial, electro, ambient, even medieval songs have already been produced, published and performed live. Cool melodies and hard beats, physical instruments and synthesizes sounds, ethereal and distorted vocals co-exist in every release. This is the world of Forkys and you are welcome in!  




2010 - Phaethon's Coming (Super8 Productions / Jamendo)

2010 – Lamentation ep and unreleased songs (Super8 Productions / Jamendo)

2007 -  My Spirit freed at last… (Dead Scarlet Records)

2004 – Attack of Insanity (CAPP)

2003 – Lamentation ep (diy)

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