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I was a solid Logic Audio user for decades -- back in the days when Logic (and indeed Notator) was made by companies such as emagic and C-Labs, long before Apple bought it all up. But with 2013, I have now branched into the Cubase world with a new rig. Exciting times!


A lot of my previous work used bootleg samples from commercial tracks, as I'm as much a remixer and mashup artist as I am a composer. Alas I don't have permission to use any of these so can't upload them to Jamendo. After finding Jamendo, I've worked hard to try and put together tracks that either sample my own work, or don't use samples. Some I have also managed to remaster without the samples without destroying the track in the process, hence a lot of 'No Samples Edit'.


I tend to produce dance, house, funky house, deep house, occasionally electro house, alongside chillout, funk and the odd bit of jazz. All purely for my enjoyment, and now hopefully yours too.


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