Ritual Of Rebirth

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Ritual of Rebirth bridges the two millennia, precipitation of the rage and frustration which permeate the peripheries of an industrial city in its fullest decadence. After overcoming lacerations and rips, as well as Rebirths, and thanks to the dedication of Fabio, guitarist and main composer, RoR makes its grand debut with an aggressive album and a consolidated group of musicians. The confluence in the band of excentric personalities gives it varied influences and experiences, whose power permeates the music in always unconventional ways. Alessandro Gorla, the singer, is also the bass player of The Famili, bastard son of the genoese SADIST. Fabio Palombi - guitar/backing vocals and structural column of the band for almost 10 years - is also the voice of Nerve, core group of the Genoese extreme metal scene. Nicola Giordanella (bass), Ermal Zaka (guitar of Nerve) and Erik (ex-drummer of MaterMachina) complete the formation. The mini-cd “Project New Life” (2003) is the first production from RoR. The project sold over 1000 copies and was received with much enthusiasm, from critics and fans alike. Due to these, the last few years have been intense for the band. They have performed many live concerts, both as headliners and as guest for more known groups (Labyrinth, Gory Blister, Dark Lunacy). The long awaited first album, ETHICAL DISILLUSION, has seen the light in 2008. The project was realized in collaboration with Nadir Music, and it was followed by a series of promotional dates. Especially memorable among those were the two concerts as support of CYNIC, a real legend among the most technical DEATH METAL bands. The full-lenght cd was exceptionally well received, both from the fans and the real insiders. Evidence of it comes from the many positive reviews on web magazines and specialized press. In summer 2008, the group started a tour throughout Italy, aimed at promoting the album. They shared the stage with important bands, such as: STRANA OFFICINA, PINO SCOTTO, LABYRINTH, DARK LUNACY, AUGUST BURNS RED, ILLOGICIST, VOMITORY, ROTTING CHRIST, ENTOMBED and much more. In December 2010 the band is ready to strike back with a new album, Of Tides And Desert, out in February 2011. The full length is produced/mixed by Fabio Palombi at MelaZeta Studio and mastered by Tommy Talamanca at Nadir Studio. Join the Ritual!

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