Aabid muzak

  • Origin: Spain - tenerife

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Aabid Muzak aka Andi de Chigora started producing in 2011 using LMMS and Audacity under Linux.

In November 2010 my life got changed by the pan-o-rama goa trance party 5 in La Gomera. There I learned to understand and to love electronic dance music. Therefore M A N Y  T H A N K S  and  L O V E  to all the people, that are organizing and celebrating this great event. Looking forward to see you soon again !!! My live is much more complete, thanks to the new music and this fascinating hobby you brought to me!!!

M A N Y  T H A N K S  to the open source and music community, all the people participating on Jamendo, Linux, Ubuntu, ArtistX and especially to the people maintaining LMMS and the included synthesizer and effect plugins !!! For me LMMS is the ultimative free software to compose, arrange and mix electronic music and it comes with batteries included. All tracks are exclusively done with LMMS and are still very raw versions - I still have to learn a lot about producing, sound creation, effect handling, mixing and mastering. Hope I can offer soon a better quality.


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