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Celestial Grounds was formed in 2011. Formerly known as The Black Moth Project (formed 2008) the creator and musician behind both names, Sage, changed it due to the fact another band, Black Moth Project was already in existence. Two albums were released under the name The Black Moth Project followed by a "hits" album which contained the most downloaded tracks from both albums. Sage, then formed Twelve Suns Records to permanently house Celestial Grounds. With a new name and a different approach to lyric writing and music genres, Celestial Grounds was born.


Celestial Grounds and Twelve Suns Records released a teaser track, "Galaxy", on June 13, 2011, almost one year later after the release of The Black Moth Project's last album. "Galaxy" was recorded in November of 2010 as a new track for The Black Moth Project's third album, however due to the name change, the album was scrapped and "Galaxy" became the only track recorded.


Production began on the debut album by Celestial Grounds, May of 2011, and would feature electronic pop sounds mixed with meaningful lyrics. However, production was stalled as Sage was releasing his second studio album that summer. Production continued in late June 2011, and songs were being recorded almost everyday. In late August the album "Sci-Fi", and the name of the first single, was completed and generated some positive feedback for the new sound and direction. The album saw two more single releases, "Canyon" and "Could This Be Love", which became its top downloaded single and peaked at number 16 on the Tunes On Fire Chart on Tunecrank. The album, Sci-Fi, was scheduled for a November release, however due to the success of "Could This Be Love", the album was released on October 18, 2011. The song "Could This Be Love" is featured in the promotional music video for United Hedonists. A separate music video was released which only features the singers face. Though the album was released with moderate success, the track "Stars Fall", quickly became a hit. It became the most downloaded track off the album Sci-Fi, despite never being released as a single.


In September of 2011, production began on the follow up album, "SWEAT OF THE SUN". The first single, "Stars Come To Life", was released May 12, 2012 on the artist's birthday. It garnered a small success despite never having a music video released. On July 9, 2012 the songs 'Blackout', 'F.O.O.L.', 'Kingdom', and 'Don't Worry' were released to the Soundclick and TuneCrank charts. 'F.O.O.L.' reached number 256 out of 321,133 songs on the Electronic Chart and number 2 on the Tunes On Fire Chart on TuneCrank. The song reached number 41 out of 21,263 songs on the Dance Chart, furthering the song's success. 'Blackout' reached number 11 out of 2,239 songs on the European Chart, scoring a Top 40 hit for the first time. 'Kingdom' reached number 23 out of 57,101 songs on the Electronica Chart, becoming the second Top 40 hit for Celestial Grounds. The song also became the first song to reach number 1 on the Tunes On Fire Chart on TuneCrank. 'Don't Worry' reached number 3 on the Tunes On Fire Chart on TuneCrank becoming the third song to reach the Top 10 on that chart respectively.The album was released on July 31, 2012 as well as a deluxe version that included five extra songs. On September 28, 2012 the 'Ultimate Edition' was released which contained all the original songs plus the bonus tracks, as well as a B-Side, 'Tonight'. The 'Ultimate Edition' contains eighteen tracks which have been remastered for digital release.


Work on the third studio album, 'REBIRTH', began on September 6, 2012.

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