Bent Not Broken

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 3 guys and a handful of Rock'n'Roll ... bent every now and then, never been broken though. 


It's hard to precisely categorize Bent Not Broken. May one track remind you of Danko Jones, the next one leads to the Foo Fighters or even The Cult. But Bent Not Broken doesn't try to re-invent the wheel, they deliver statements. They find their influences everywhere in the world of Rock and refuse to pick a certain color. Guitarist Jörn Kachelriess says:" If it sounds good for us, it is good... for us. And basically that is what counts. No matter, whether it sounds old school, new school or like any other cliché."


"A power trio of the rocking kind, Anton, Jorn and Andi are a superb band. This debut album is chock a block with lots of rock, from the facebook baiting opener Get A Life to the closing rock out that is Bent Not Broken, this covers all bases from traditional rock like Sabbath to more contemporary sounds like the Foo Fighters, but no matter what influences they bring to the table, the sound is of a hungry, rocking band who are at the top of their game." JRT, Classic Rock Society, March 2010


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