The Open Up And Bleeds

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An act of love and violence / an organism that noone has control over / a restless soul that came to light in stockholm 2006 / a sound that is always heading new directions / a name that is stolen from a song by the stooges

Yep, The Open Up And Bleeds is a stockholm based rock/punk/new wave band that came together in 2006. They got nominated "Best unsigned band" at Manifestgalan 2007. Debut EP was released through Suicide Records in september the same year. AN ACT OF LOVE AND VIOLENCE (first fullength album) was recorded in STUDIO DUBIOUS, produced by HENRIK SVENSSON (Fint Tillsammans, Doktor Kosmos, Moneybrother, Hets etc) and was released winter 2010.


Joel Segerstedt (vocals, guitar)
Markus Johansson (leadguitar)
Andreas Thunmarker (drums)
Thomas Meyer (bass)

Selftitled EP 2007 (Suicide Records)
Stiv Bators In All Of Us EP 2009 (Sounds of Zilence)
Cut Me A Live One EP 2010 (Sounds of Zilence)
An Act Of Love And Violence ALBUM 2010 (Suicide
Records/Sounds Of Zilence/AF Musik)

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