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 I'm dn3s, also known as Devon Sawatzky. I have no idea where the name dn3s came from. I mean, I have a story behind it, but it's super pointless. But I kinda like the name, so I kept it. Email me about it if you really want to know the story, or ask me on twitter, or something. Not important.


I started out messing around in GarageBand, throwing together what I now, in hindsight, realize to be truly terrible pieces of music. Around a year ago, I decided to take music production a little more seriously. I switched to a Linux based system, using Ardour as my DAW, and various awesome plugins and synths. I take pride in the fact that almost my entire production system is open-source. (For those of you wondering about plugins, I really like the CALF, CMT, TAP, Foo, and Invada plugin packs, as well as Tom Szilagyi's famous convolution reverb).


Anyways, as of now I am 17 years old, and hope to be producing long into the future. I am definitely still learning, and hope I will continue to learn more about music and music production for many more years to come.


Across the internet, you can find all my releases available for name-your-price (as in free) download on BandCamp, or streaming on Grooveshark or CBC Radio 3. Most of my music is also available right here on Jamendo, as well as on iTunes and Amazon. I also occasionally post works in progress, experiments, etc. on SoundCloud, and have a blog and twitter. Enjoy!

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