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Nocturnes & Dreamscapes is a solo project that I have wanted to do for a very long time now. My old band is signed to a Goth Industrial label, but I put that on the backburner because I didn't like the restrictions of being on a label and working with a bandmate. My more recent project after that was a contemporary Christian band but I put that on the backburner for a small amount of time as well.


Nocturnes & Dreamscapes is a project born of three simple rules. 1) no bandmates, N&D is a one man band and will always be as such on all things. The only exception being remixing, allowing for remixes, and some loose collaboration. 2) all songs will always be offered as a free download under the Creative Commons:Attribution License 3) It is an art project first and foremost. Self expression and artistic viability are everything regardless of what the social reaction may or may not be.


N&D has no respect for genre. Common elements include ambient music, glitch, horror film scoring textures, black metal, horror punk, and the entire range of industrial music. I am debating within myself to include classical and Spanish music influences in the future. VIsual art also has an enormous influence with surrealism being first and foremost (hence the name of the band). Other artistic influences include dadism, futurism, and the arts and crafts movement.

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