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Leokuon photo

Leokuon is an independent electronic and instrumental "artist" (= guy who tries to make music) started "making music" using mainly free software and having no clue of music theory in January 2010.


Since January 2011 he publishes his stuff for free under the Creative Commons BY-license. That means others are allowed to share and use, e.g. remix, his songs for their own works as long as they credit him. His cover artworks are all made by himself.


With the release of his "321 Narf" EP in August 2011, he seems to have finally found his own style and a name for it covering everything imaginable (and preventing any genre discussions): "Narf". Congratulations if you got the reference.


If you should actually like my music it would be awesome if you also liked my facebook page (and/or subbed my YouTube channel)! But it's okay if you don't.









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