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Confraria photo

          Confraria is a brazilian band founded by the guitarist and composer Guilherme De Marco and the composer and multi-instrumentalist Bernardo Leitão, starting from works os a songwriters´s collective in 2005, with the Musical Experiments Project. The main objective of Confraria is to bring to stage the results of the works of several composers that make part of the collective, supported by a rich and diversified authorial repertoire, with a great variety of references and musical styles.


          The band has in their basic line-up Bernardo Leitão - drums, percussion, guitar, pianola and vocals -, Rafael Eloy - bass - and Guilherme De Marco - guitars and vocals - and has added in 2009 the singer and songwriter Bia Nogueira, the guitarist Leandro Grossi and the drummer and percussionist Tom Santiago. Confraria also has the participation of the singer Juliana Smigay, the singer and songwriter Milena Torres, the singer, flautist and composer Irene Bertachini, as well as the percussionist Alcione Oliveira, bassist Emerson David and the lyricists and composers Maurício Patitucci and Erik Haagensen on backing vocals. In the repertoire there are songs of Guilherme De Marco, Maurício Patitucci, Erik Haagensen, Bernardo Leitão, Bia Nogueira, Leandro Grossi, Charley Vasconcelos and Wilson Souza.


          Parallel to the rehearsals of Confraria, wich currently has been accompanying Bia Nogueira in her solo performances, it is developed a work of musical creation that has been generating new songs and brought good partnerships. So, Confraria brings to the stage and to the listeners an overview of themes and sonorities of a new independent music of Belo Horizonte, devoid of a marketing or stylistic direction. It is a group of friends bringing life to their music, working freely and autonomously, without labels or rules. In this way, Confraria dedicates itself to a new production dynamics, focused in the friendship, in the musical encounter and in the pleasure to create, to hear and to share its own music with the public in order to contribute to the enrichment of Brazilian music.





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