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 In Japan while dreaming of the northern lights we had not seen. 

tinorks onsists of Hosei Tatemizu and Shizuku Kawahara.
Hosei Tatmizu loves using electric instruments 
thinks as a fate that he makes genreless tracks 
with computers.
He is very interestied in ethnic music and always 
thinks making an attempt to fuse 
electric and ethnic music. 
Shizuku Kawahara is a good blowing player.
One fine day She met a little black tin whistle. 
She was instantly attracted to the silky tone.
As time goes on,she fatefuly got a new tin whislte 
named GFM,indian flute,irish flute,swedish flute
and melodion made by SUZUKI in Japan.
In addition,she loves using metallophon made 
by Germany,finger symbal and rain stick. 
She is also vocalist with voice effector.
For reasons mentioned above,tinorks maybe suggest 
a possibility more than 2 artists. 
In October, 2011, new member Koichi joined tinorks.
He is the space design and ambient guitarist 
uses lap top and effectors.
His participation is wonderful and important for tinorks.
It's like in tinokrs's element. 
Our tracks are light electronica music includes 
a peculiar space rooted Jpanese mind and 
have a floating groove,
sunlight songs filtering through the trees.
It's so important concept for them to change 
eveyday a wee bit into the farthest world.
And they think that the journey of changing 
it will never end.
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