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 Award-winning musician Greg Reiter has devoted over 35 years to mastering the many forms of guitar music. His musical adventure has taken him around the world, where he’s been influenced by flamenco masters such as Paco de Lucia and Manolo Sanlucar. 

Greg's latest CD, Sedona Sun, recently won "Album of the Year" at the Phoenix Music Awards, as well as “best instrumental DVD” at the 2008 LA Music Awards. He was also nominated for the "World Music" category at the 2008 NAMMYs (Native American Music Awards).

Greg’s unique compositions have attracted the attention of Hollywood producers, resulting in a collaboration with Heart's Roger Fisher on the soundtrack for the documentary The Big Cat Encounter. Another of Greg's compositions, Thunderbird, was optioned for the major motion picture Contact, starring Jodie Foster.

“When I write my compositions, I have the need to not only express myself and the mood of the song, but to travel. I close my eyes, and picture myself in a beautiful place. Music to me is both a state of mind as well as a feeling deep inside my heart."

As a survivor of the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center, Greg embraces each day as a new chance to share his gift of music. "Life is an adventure, and my music continues to take me to many new exciting places, both imaginary…and real."

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