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"Aor Agni" was created in 2003. Musical orientations : ambient, chillout, psy, lounge, trance, electronica.


Every song is created with originality of genre and diversity of sources.



What means AOR AGNI ?


The root AOR comes from the Kabbale, and means Light ; and also the science of the true relationship between the infinite and the finited (God and Man). To go further on the Sepher Jetsirah doctrine, the inner palace is the evasive ether (Avir), where the centralization is produced, and from where emanate the light (Aor). " The light (Aor) gush from the mystery of ether. The hidden point was manifested, that is to say the letter Iod ". This letter Iod represent the Principle.
The One unmanifested is 3-shaped : beginning, middle and end (like the three elements of Aum in the hindou and ancient chretien symbolism); and those 3 points reunified constitute the letter Iod. " When this Iod was produced, what stayed from the mystery - or from the hidden ether (Avir) - was the light (Aor) ". The Iod and the Aor are 'only' 2 terms of the differenciation of the primordial Avir.


The word AGNI comes from the hindou tradition, and means Sacred Fire. It's also one God. To go further, in the Vedic doctrine : in every human being, the spark of intelligible Light constitute one Unity wich can be develop to be identified in acts to the Total Unity and wich will realise in its expansion the perfect bloom (or flowering) of all the possibilities of the human being. This principle of divine essence in every human being, reflect of the total unity, is Agni. Agni is the immobile center of the wheel of existence, and contains in itsself the Law (Dharma).


The expression AOR AGNI was initiated (or repeate, I dunno) by Paul Le Cour, or paul le cour or Paul le C-R, and explained like a duality : " Light - Fire / Love and initiatic Knowledge". That's why I have chosen this name as an artistic name. This expression is occult, not old, like less than 100 years. This expression is finally a curious mix of hebrew and sanskrit ; of one emanation and the unity. Agni contains the idea of Aor.

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