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humeka photo

Discover : cd TV hardware (1st technical stage)

Three Japanese technicians tweaking knobs on the first groovebox ever. The object, the sounds delight me. I can't believe my TV screen : is it so easy to make those beats I love ? From listening to practice, I buy the machine, I tweak the knobs. I buy other machines, I plug some cables, I tweak many knobs... I fell like a pilot in his plane with all those lights... But music is not about piloting...

Develop : mp3 PC software (2nd technical stage)

A friend of mine wiring virtual instruments on his computer screen. The concept, the flexibility surprise me. I can't believe my ears : is it so intuitive to arrange those sounds I love with this mouse ? In total craziness, I sell all my gear to buy a computer and software. I wire some applications, I make some tracks, I send them to the net, you listen to it ! Music is about sharing...

Concept : fix ideas, random results.

4/4 beats, little and simple melodies, blips, smooth sounds.Rehearsal, accumulation, randomisation. Those terms define a plan where my music appear. By considering my computer a real person, we can interact together and arrange those elements into a coherent ensemble. My alias comes from this approach : hu for "human" (me) and "meka" for mekanoïd (my computer).

Releases and links:

Dust Modern Ep / Rodoid [rod005]
Relieve / DEVi4NT-D4NCeFLO0R
Chip Wanderings / [LesIzmo:r] - [les06]
Discuss (album)
Live act at Marseille part1 / part2

From Paris To Mainz (humeka remix) / Keinzweiter - From The world To Mainz / spontaMuzik
Lonithan Wards (humeka remix) / Daniel Carew - We Go Very Well Together / Yuki Yaki - YkYk013
The Glances You Give Me (humeka rmx) / YUNO - The Glances You Give Me 12" / Thorn01
Sunblocker (humeka remix) / Pantherklub - Sunblocker Remixes 2006 / Electroreptil - Tisch-records

Upcoming releases:

Densité Matérielle / Yuki Yaki [YkYk015]
You Don't Need Love (humeka remix) / Inbond - You Don't Need Love / Electroreptil

humeka on ( music or user) / myspace
Side Project Hystérésis

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