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We're different, but right connected

Is there a band fit to play when Punks and Rastafarians plan to have a Headbanging-Shanking-Party in a skatepark?

Sure there is:


A. Brühl of savemusic describes his first experience with Jammin-Inc as follows: "The first song already proves creativity. While at first you attune to German rap music, suddenly the track changes to roots-reggae and ska with vigorous brass elements. And when you start thinking, that’s it, punk guitars rip through the listener’s Caribbean rapture. … The fact that the lyrics keep switching between English and German doesn’t matter at all.“*

Four vocalists, four genres and a band of nine instumentalist, radiating devotion and motivation:

This far out, colorful bunch from Braunschweig, Germany brings a mere 200 years of expericence as musicians to the stage.

A value you can hear and that gets your legs grooving.

Music for earning money? Not at all!

More like a cool insider tip. The Jammin*Inc songs are distributed for free via the internet under the Creative Commons license. Every single one.

With their first album „Mit Anlauf“, Jammin-Inc set a great first marker:

  • 12.000 in live audiences: for example at the Chiemsee-Open Air, during the FFN-New Sensation contest or as celebrated support of acts like Gentleman, Fettes Brot and Afrob.

  • 100.000 song-downloads for the album "Mit Anlauf".

  • 25.000 downloads for the song "Was ist härter" + Jingle.

  • 100.000 hits on their website per month.

Jammin*Inc: System overload? Not by far!

* roughly translated from German

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