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Marc Bosche (France)

A French cross-cultural anthropologist with a background in Asian studies, Marc M. Bosche (mmb) has found in music composition a way to explore mutual understanding between cultures of East and West.

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" Music is really a great media to convey the intercultural message of mutual understanding among nations and people.

I hope you'll enjoy these musics which combine traditional sounds from Asia (emulated through realistic samples by Roland and synthesis) and a more Western touch.

Enjoy ! "

mmb (Marc Bosche - France)

Marc Bosche (mmb), anthropologue des relations interculturelles : ses travaux portent sur la découverte contemporaine de l'Asie orientale. Il prolonge dans la composition musicale le dialogue des cultures.

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mmb digidesigns lab combines several types of electronic musical production equipment : realistic samples by Roland XV/SRX series & Korg M1R ; Virtual analogue modelling by Korg MS2KR. A classical (possibly vintage) MIDI interface (Akai patch bay) is used for recording and sequencing. Mix is analogue (Fostex 350) and gives its distinctive warmth to the sound.

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