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convergence photo

Convergence was born in 2001 by the hand of guitarist Giacomo Mambriani, at first like a melodic death metal band. Their first producing (Colours behind the emotion) got good reviews, but after some months the band broke up due to personal and musical misunderstanding.

Giacomo decided to start a new and different musical project, searching a more personal and innovative style. The project got shape when Michelangelo Naldini (Drums), Massimiliano Andrini (Bass) and Alessandro Palladini (Vocals) joined the band in 2003 and started to work on new songs, with the supervision of their producer Giordano Occhi. The results are the ten songs that compose their debut album Points of View which, after two year of self-promotion allowed the band to sign a deal with Casket Records (Uk) and Plastic Head (UK), to distribute the album in Europe and worldwide.

From 2004 to 2006 the band had an intense live activity, playing more than 150 concerts in the main italian clubs and with many italian bands like: Linea 77, Extrema, Exilia, Velvet, Guilty Method. In April 2006 the band did a mini tour in Germany. In July 2006 "Points of view" was distribuited by Casket Records/Plastic Head all over the world, giving the chance to Convergence to tour the Uk. From june to July 2007 the band have done 8 gigs in some cool venue in England and Galles ( for example Underworld-London, The Hub-Exeter, The George-Andover); also supporting cool acts (Mother Superior, My minds weapons, Overshadows).

After the tour, Convergence started the recordings of thier upcoming new album; produced by Giordano Occhi, and at the end of 2008 signed a record deal with DIVA RECORDS and a management deal with L&S MANAGEMENT. The Band is currently working full time for preparing the new album release and its live promotion.

To define Convergences music, labelling it with a kind would be reductive: the ten songs included in their first album Points of View are in fact an explosive synthesis of post-metal, rock and electronics sonority. Experimentation and personal emotions are the guidelines of every composition: feelings and interior visions are the starring expressed through the aggression of their metal attitude and through the introspection inspired by the experimentation. Simple, sharp, but never banal, Convergence music try to hit the listener, aiming to his essential emotions. Maybe is in live shows where Convergence better express their musical attitude, through their intense and involving exhibitions.

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