playlist artwork#12 this weekPancakes for Handshakes

by Leokuon


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  • Published: Oct 15, 2011


Experimental electronic music from Germany. New album OUT NOW, available at

Licensed under Creative Commons.

Credits to rapper "e-dubble" for inspiring the album title "Pancakes for Handshakes":

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Movie Genre Mixing!

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Oct 19, 2011

"Fleisch" begins low & slow, switches to a "Halloween"-esque piano and then the synth moves in a changes it all to a sci-fi sound. Interesting - I Like! "Not Stirred" has all the earmarks of a `60's Hammer film movie scene filler, but then it moves up in tempo and goes a different direction! "Watching Clouds" made me wonder if they were electronic clouds. Mid-way through the song the sequencer came in and then a melody on top of that, unfortunately the two battled for the same range and one could have went a bit quieter than the other (IMHO) "Crystal Math" - again, begins like filler music from a B movie, then sneaks in and whacks you one! "A Smile As Bright As The Sun" is that one cut that allows all genres to come into play; classical piano playing, synthpop, and a little touch of jazz... Quite the versatile person u are! So far I'm liking these...

Pas trop mon style

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Nov 16, 2011

Pas trop mon style, mais j'aime bien la 5