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by Quantum Jazz


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About this album

  • Published: Dec 30, 2011

This is the second and last album by Quantum Jazz, recorded over a weekend session in May 2011.


Jesper Lund (guitar)
Bram Dimma Berthelsen (bass)
Sakse Dalum (piano, alto saxophone, & flute)
Rasmus Bjerring Larsen (drums)

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Reviews for "End of Line"

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Joooooceee jazzzzzz !!!!

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Jul 1, 2012

This is album is a real treat! Mellow and juicy ambient jazz with a lilting swing and a flute that rips the heart like Cupid's sharpest arrow.Each track embraces with a warmth and charm blending unaggressive melodies with an intermittent plaintive grace.Wonderful stuff !

Expert Excellent Jazz

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Jul 1, 2012

Traditional and VERY GOOD jazz . . . smoky and bouncy . .. the swish of brush drums . . . . . . oh those drums . . baby, they tease my ears . . the whispering saxophone and that tinkling piano . . deliciously delighted by the guitar . .. dance baby . . dance . . . her red dress kisses her knees . . . as she swings to the beat . . ("If I Can't Dance It's Not My Revolution") Four guys and a diversity of instruments . . . exceptionally well played . . experts here . .. bringing so much enjoyment to THIS jazz fan . . . The flute, drums, bass and guitar all playing so well together . . . such smooth perfection in "All About the Sun" I can't get over the percussion . . . such a diversity and usage of knocking around instruments really tickled my fancy . .. The beats were great and my cats and I sat back and absorbed all this groovy jazziness . . . with our eyes closed and our feet tapping . . . cool and itchy . . ja- a-azzzz

Sampled this for YouTube vid

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Nov 24, 2012

Brilliant album, sampled 3 tracks for our film noir YouTube video: Thanks guys!


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Aug 1, 2012

j'adore ce côté analogique , non compréssé , simple et efficace , comme en live , vivant , on entend les soupirs et le lacet délié du batteur ... et pourtant eternel et pas vintage ! du jazz des familles comme on l'aime et que l'on éssaye pas de ré inventer , mais simplement d'apprécier sa liberté . bravo , continuez les gars

Miles Davis

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Jan 13, 2012

If Miles Davis went to Europe to record his album, and spend some time listening to Parisian street muso's, maybe it would sound more like this. Great great album.