playlist artwork#12 this weekThe Battle for Free Internet

by Mika B. Sjöblom


About this album

  • Published: Nov 1, 2012

A composition for electric guitars, bass and drums

The Battle for Free Internet is an instrumental which consists of 16 parts. These parts form a random collection of snapshots from the history of file sharing in the beginning of the 21st century. The composition is meant to be listened from start to finish as one piece. Here is the listing of the parts and their approximate start times:

1. Intro (00:00)

2. Era of Napster (01:10)

3. Enter DMCA (02:45)

4. Mule and donkey with kazoo (05:15)

5. Dreaming of free internet (06:40)

6. Threatening and sueing people begins (07:20)

7. Dream of free internet lives on (08:45)

8. Torrent anthem (09:30)

9. Censorship in disguise (12:20)

10. Prayer for victims (15:55)

11. March of the lawyers (17:20)

12. The Pirate Bay Raid (19:00)

13. Sails are up again! (20:20)

14. Lobbyist blues (22:45)

15. Time to be strong (24:45)

16. Taking a stand for freedom (26:50)

You may find more information about the story behind this composition from here:



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Reviews for "The Battle for Free Internet"

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Des guitares bien agréables !

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Jan 21, 2012

Album d'un guitariste Finlandais, très agréable à écouter. Deux longues suites de 15 mn avec plein de petites mélodies qui s'enchainnent donnant à l'ensemble un côté Rock progressif. Et en plus comme moi il joue sur une Les Paul.

Bon album

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Jan 22, 2012

En effet, très bon album où les mélodies glissent de titre en titre... Mon morceau préféré Torrent Anthem... Très bon travail !