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About this album

  • Published: Apr 3, 2012

Six Notes are: Donald Poland, Steve Baxter, Gillian Landsburgh

Time Slip: lyrics by Abby Burn
Time Slip: Night recording ambience ( clip# 20572 by dobroide)
Time Slip, Lands So Fallen: both contain samples from the movie, 'Attack of the Giant Leeches'  (public domain)
Boomtown 2: contains samples from the movie, 'Give yourself the green light' (public domain)
Tubs: contains samples from the movie, 'A Brother From Another Planet' (public domain)
When Angels Soar: lyrics by Abby Burn 

Salvation:  Old Church Bell (

clip# 76405 by dsp9000)

Devil's Elbow: Rain (

clip #2519 by RHumphries);

Thunderstorm (

clip #23222 by Erdie)

Many thanks to Dumfries Community Choir

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Jun 3, 2012