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by Art Owens


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  • Published: Dec 4, 2012

Life is like a maze ,And you have to find your way through, To find your way out. On your way through ,sometimes you have to stop at a life station, I call it, a life station .
It's like a gas station,………… Stopping at each life station you are having a whole lot of experience , that you would not learn from a text book, you only learn from life.

A metaphor of life.

The story is fiction.

Falling To My Knees

Walking toward a wall, looks like it's made of grass .
Looking for a doorway ,i started running beside the wall, and I find a doorway little ways down.
thinking should I walk through.
I took two step, Decided to walk back but I couldn't turn around.
Realize life Be gone.
I couldn't go back so I Decided to go forward.
To see, if i can make it through.
On the way I saw many different people and heard many different life story .
I turn the corner stopping at life station .
And I meet someone special .
And they help me, and care for me, there care for my soul.
And she said, I hope you find you're way through the maze.
I will help you as much as I can.
As she point to a open area.
She told me, there will be people trying to help you, and there will be people trying to hurt you, but you cannot stop.
You need to keep going, find your way through, she reply.
When I walk through the open space I find a dark small walkway, leading to
A five foot door ,I had to ban my knees to go through the door.
The walkway was not bright, so I have to feel my way through.
I was very scared did not know what to do, but life is like that ,you thank you find you're way but haven't.
As I keep walking I see a stop, but I have two paths to go through.
I fall to knees in frustration and i ask why me, someone help me out.
I feel like l was going crazy and mad at the sometime, didn't realize someone was standing over me, just looking at me.
Four words came out of his mouth, and he said.
you need some help, I said yes, trying to find my way out, I am lost.
He said ,go rights and listen to the music, some of the guys are jamming.
And maybe they can help you find your way.
I was thinking Maybe they will let me jam whit them.
So I walk ahead and their they are just having a good old time .
So, I ask them can I join in .
Sure ,one of the Gentleman reply.
I pick up my horn and I started to play some jazz.
We played for hours, and finally when we where done.
I ask one of the guys ,i need to find my way out.
one of the Gentleman reply.
When you do ,help us ,because we are lost too,
Just play your horn and we will just listen to your sound and maybe we will find are way out too.
Sorry we could not help you, but we been in hear for a long time.
We just stop to rests and jam and we never move on.
I was just a little bit upset ,but i keep going.
I look down the grass wall and I see a nether opening .
Their I see two Woodbridge with two people standing at the entrance of each bridge .
One looks very old, the other look new, looks like it's been made whit fresh wood.
One person spoke to me and said.
Use this bridge, new wood, smell the pine.
She was beautiful, looks like I can trust her.
The gentlemen reply, my bridge is old but it is safe.
Some reason I feel like I should had trusted the old man, but I did not.
So i walk toward the lady and she but it's going to be a price.
She said, it will be ten dollars please.
The man said, I would have only charge you a nickel.
But that bridge looks to old.
So I paid my ten dollars.
And i Start my journey across the bridge.
Halfway across the bridge the bottom fell out from under me.
I can hear the lady laugh.
Hanging on for dear life, Looking at the side of a mountain.
Climbing my way up to the top.
So tired, I can be safe if I can get, That last pull.
Than I see the hand of the old man's.
He has ran across his bridge to save my life.
Why didn't i listen to my subconscious.
I gave him more than at nickel.
He deserve so much more.
I ask the man ,do you know Your way out .
He said, yes but life continue, and you will get out of this maze ,you are almost out now.
But life change and you will find yourself in a another maze ,one maybe easy and one maybe hard, this is life.
He points ahead, I see opening, so I start running as fast as I can, but I realize something ,the journey was not that bad.
So I walk through the entrance and I see a bright light and I look in to the sun and the sun shines on to my face.
And I said to myself, life begins again.


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A STANDOUT in Excellence . . .!!

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Apr 13, 2012

Philosopher and jazzist, Art Owens . . . is so creative that it spills out in his writings and his music . . . I loved his thoughts about the maze of life and how difficult it seems sometimes . . but that we need to continue in our journey, learning as we go, from our mistakes, and we will survive . .. and along the way . . . we will find so many people and things to encourage us and help us . . . and so much to find interesting. His story was like a dream . .. as is all of our stories . .. . And of course, Art's music is such excellent jazz . . . I could listen to it all day . .. especially that expressive, almost human sounding horn! I have no particular favorite songs in this album as the whole thing flows with that golden, glowing warmth of really good music . . . keeping me company as I crawl through my maze, keeping my head above water . . . and just generally make it through my days . ..
Stone Pillow


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Apr 15, 2012

Grandi atmosfere Jazz...relax!!!

Frustration is fascinating!

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Apr 21, 2012

I really love Frustration, it's very emotional, the intro and that mad guitar - you're a demon on those strings! Good work my friend!

life begins again

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Apr 14, 2012

I am warm here in this room. This is Owens' home, where you can sit down and feel at peace. That's right, life begins again forever. The compositions are beautiful, they are written with refined taste. The themes are lovely, the music is apparently easy listening, but there is a profound depth of feeling beneath the surface, Thanx!

Good album

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Apr 21, 2012

Owens a music jazz album a very good, melody and sound trumpet a wonderful. Bye from Italy.

Philosopher and jazzist .....

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Apr 14, 2012

... as wrote WolfsongThepoet. Listening to this album I felt on my knees ! I love your sound ! Congrats and thank you for sharing !