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  • Published: Apr 8, 2012





hi my name is Art Owens

 there are many difficult things in your life

 and lately I've been going through some of them

 I have diabetes

 and I'm a musician who loves to play music

 this song is about me going through a whole bunch of difficult problems

 with this disease

 you can live with this disease you stay at home and cry because you have it

Or you just keep going and keep doing the things that you love to do

 but I did not say that it would not be frustrating

  sometimes you want to give up

 sometimes you just have to stop and stand up and scream

 and sometimes that make you feel a little bit better 

 so I hope you like this selection 








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May 8, 2012

A song with meaning . . . a powerful, heartfelt emotion, pours out through the reverberation of the instruments as the story is told of heart ache and pain . . . of unwanted change . . . of life, unrelenting, accosting the soul . . . Your scream is heard, Art, . . . but full of love and awareness . . . the soul continues on . . . the heart keeps beating . . . the feet tread slowly down that dusty road . . . until they find the end . . . I loved this song, Art, . . . you are one of Jamendo's own artists, who keeps creating in new and vivid ways . . .. you share humanity's own crisis and give comfort to the weary . . . thank you for your music shares . .. and I hope you continue . . .
Van Syla

Nice beat !

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Jul 8, 2012

Powerful and energetic sound. Hope to hear more from you. Thank you for sharing.