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by Binärpilot


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About this album

  • Published: Feb 7, 2006

One year of experiencing human culture and emotions, as available to me in digital formats, compacted into fifteen minutes of robot rock. Presented through 8bitpeoples, I am happy to give you Defrag.

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Reviews for "Defrag"

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Que du bon, que du bon!

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Apr 28, 2006

Des sonorités comme ça, dans les premiers titres, j'en avais plus eu depuis Discovery, des Daft Punk! A propos des inspirations, c'est vrai que y'a pas mal de Kraftwerk là dedans, ne serais-ce que dans certaines mélodies. Et à propos de Aphex Twin, seulement dans la dernière piste ca se sent vraiment. EDIT: après près d'une semaine d'écoute, je m'en lasse pas! Et je vous conseille vivement d'aller sur le site de l'artiste qui propose au téléchargement d'autres titres tout aussi bons, axés pour certains plus electronica! Enjoy it, my friends! :D

A classic net release

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Mar 23, 2006

I have been listening to Binärpilot's music for quite some time and this EP seems to capture the peak of an era in his musical life. Though being referred to as "the Mad Max of beats" by some Binärpilot first and foremost deliver some sweet melodies with this release. He states his position as a skilled tracker giving homage to the demo scene while at the same time bringing the sound slightly more up to date. Doubtless he's a fan of artists such as Daft Punk, Aphex Twin and Squarepusher as he mixes the references made to these with ones made to the scene. In my opinion it's "Goof" and "Widibf" that's really making this release shine; so much so that i feel the need to say it's to bad it's no more then four tracks long. Well worth a listen and more then a few spins in iTunes.

Fascinating Chiptune

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Dec 27, 2006

Wow, amazingly good Chiptune. This album or kinds of these could definiatly go commercial. But i would strongly advice to sell over a own label and over the internet. Nice guys niceeeeeeeeeee music, keep going ;)

Electro fresh

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Jun 9, 2006

Version moderne de la geek-electro-kultur. Plutôt bon. Pour sonoriser vos lan-parties on ou off-line. Même la pochette et le titre vont avec. Merci à Vinz d'avoir attiré mon attention dessus! L'electro c'est pourtant pas mon truc, mais en version nordique, ça a l'air de mieux passer.

Il y a un coeur au milieu des ordinateurs...

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Feb 27, 2006

C'est sur on sent l'influence old school de nos vieilles machines (moi c'etait l'amiga), et qui a ete berce par les mods ne peut rester de marbre face a cet album... Certains passages me font penser un peu au style d'Aphex Twin, est-ce une influence ? En tout cas c'est tres bon...

Insert Coins!!!!

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Feb 26, 2006

GREAT !!!!!

Coole Musik mit C64-Flair

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Sep 5, 2006

Ich erinnere mich. An simple, aber unheimlich faszinierende Spiele. An eine Zeit, in der man nach dem Erledigen der Hausaufgaben keine Sorgen mehr hatte. Und hätte man mir erzählt, diese vier Stücke wären Remixe mir unbekannter C64-Spiele, hätte ich es geglaubt. Mir gefallen sie sehr gut, und für den Sentimentalitäts-Faktor gibt's noch einen halben Extrapunkt.

Distorted Retro Synth Electro at its best!

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Mar 20, 2007

I came across binärpilot quite quickly on jamendo, and I've been listenling to many artists here. But still I think Binärpilot is one of the best electro artists. I love those big old analog synthesizers like the moog and others and I'm sure you can hear some of them on this release. Defrag sounds like it has been recorded in the eighties and has been remixed in 2007. It's fat, very melodic, has the right amount of craziness. It sometimes reminds me of the Captain Future soundtrack if anyone knows that. One of the best tracks is GOOF with its wonderful vocoder melody reminding me of Daft Punk, I just don't like the female vocals on it, But it's still a bomb track. I love vocoder sounds which you can hear on my release. Can't wait for new releases! Much love from Cologne Elias Damian

Vraiment bien

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Feb 26, 2006

Alors j'accroche, c'est simple ,frais, electro old school très sympa.. Thanks !


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Jul 31, 2006

Impresiona la conceptualización de la primera etapa de los videojuegos.....