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by Leo Bowers


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  • Published: Jan 28, 2014
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A Must Have Single

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Jan 30, 2014

It is quite Extraordinary how Leo Bowers, can Stir Emotions AND Calm the Soul Simultaneously with his Music and this Song does so Splendidly. The Essence, like previous Works, Features a Warm, Soulful Sound that Blends, Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Folk and Classic Rock into a Standalone Hybrid that is completely Unique. Listeners who understand English are treated to yet another “Down Home Story” that most can relate to and Sung In a Manner that makes One Feel as if Bowers is communicating Directly and Personally to the Listener. Non English speakers are treated to a Melodic Male Vocal that is Smoky and Familiar. Understanding the words is not necessary to comprehend the Message. Instrumentally speaking the Crooning of Electric Guitar/Bass continues the Halfbreed Band's Signature “Fuzzy Keening” which is pure Silk to the Ears. This is a MUST HAVE Song.

Don't be a nag and stop looking for a tag... just let yourself be rocked.

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Jul 15, 2014

Don't you know the man was thinking of you, when he wrote the song? I mean, does it really matter, if it's folk... country... r&b... or soul... if it's pop or related to rock. How important can a tag be, when a song combines some or all of them, and so perfectly, that you just want to let yourself be rocked by the tune. Here's what... if it's that important to you, here's a tag you may like and approve... "inspired". Yes, you got it right, inspired... after all, wasn't Leo Bowers thinking of you, when he wrote this song?