playlist artwork#12 this weekWater Closet Electronic Music Project - Part 1

by ElectroLatrine


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  • Published: Nov 28, 2007
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Reviews for "Water Closet Electronic Music Project - Part 1"

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Very good

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Mar 12, 2007

Track 1 starts off with an almost 80's nostalgic feel before morphing into an up-tempo ambient vibe. A good start. Track 2 combines a busy drumtrack to a funky bassline and insistent melody to create a pure dance track. It gets better. Track 3 sounds like The Chemical Brothers on top form. A pulsing drumbeat drives the song on through dissonant string stabs and static. It moves up a notch with the inclusion of a fuzzed out guitar. I can easily imagine this being the intro to an indie film. A good one too. Track 4 reminds me of a 90's trance tune. A nice piano melody prevents it from falling into a backing track and my one criticism is theres too much hi-hat going on (but thats personal preference so others might want more!) Almost Moby-esque but without the terrible singing. Track 5 is my least favourite simply because of the style. I felt the vocal samples let the song down slightly and I kept waiting for a melodic hook but as the title says it is jungle and the drum'n'bass aspect is well executed. Track 6 is the most different in terms of sounds. Again the bassline and drums are excellent as is the melody. I would have to say as someone who prefers rock and metal that this is my favourite track and reminds me slightly of Daft Punk, in a good way. All in all a thoroughly good album and I hope to hear more. I can't recommend it emough. Not sure about the name though :)


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Mar 12, 2007

Très bon album électro. De la puissance, du dynamisme, ça pulse bien. Les sons sont bons, le rythme entrainant, tout ce qui'l faut pour danser agréablement. Mes préférés : "Interface" et "Jungle" qui dégagent une superbe énergie. A écouter avec plaisir.
ivy cotton

Original !

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Jan 29, 2008

Alors même si c'est pas un style que j'écoute beaucoup a la base, néanmoins je trouve une fantaisie, une originalité peu commune ! bravo !


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Dec 19, 2007

This is album reminds me old times and tracks written in Fast Tracker. Track 1: It rocks!!! I like it the most. Nice melodies and oldschool atmosphere. Track 2: This one is like a tune from videogame :-) Nice breaks. Track 3: bellerophon has written that this one sounds like Chemical Brothers and I'm totally agree with this opinion. Track 4: Nice piano melody. I like it very. :-) Track 5: Atmospheric climate of jungle breaks and bass filled with delicate melody. Perfection :-) Track 6: Nice melodic track. Again reminds me tunes from videogames. :-) Over all: This is very good melodic album. Delicate tunes fall into ears with pleasure. However I think its sound is a little bit too dry. Some reverb and delay effects would made compositions deeper and wider. This album is good to hear in kitchen during cooking, in car while You drive or at work. Generally I think it's good music for every moment. :-)

Arcade-Electro-Funk Powermusic

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Feb 12, 2007

Wie von Serakina schon erwähnt "Nice Opening Song wich makes you wanna hear more". Der zweite Song erinnert mich irgendwie an den Arcade Automaten Outrun und weiss genau deshalb zu begeistern. "Interface" legt dann schon mal eine etwas härtere Gangart ein,aber wirkt keineswegs unpassend.Man wird nahezu auf die Folter gespannt was der Song zu bieten hat und wird von netten Gitarrenriffs überrascht. "One"......Breakbeat-Funk mit weichen Pianoklängen. "Jungle" schlägt mehr in die Drum n´Bass Richtung. "Tic Tac" erinnert mich auch wieder an die gute alte Arcade Racing Zeit. Alles in allem ist dieses Album aus einem Guss und weiss mit seinen Melodien und Rhytmen zu überzeugen. Reinhören^^

malgrado il nome è gradevole

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Sep 12, 2007

Ottimo, musica sintetica molto curata nei particolari e molto scorrevole, fluida. La gravità ha la sua importanza nel mantenere pulito tutto l'ascolto, ogni frequenza ha il suo posto e compito. I like

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Jan 21, 2008

Very nice track. i like them all , but my favourite is Tic Tac and Jungle : ) Keep up the good work !

Love it!

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Jul 15, 2011

My great discovery of the day. Kind of reminds me of Royksopp.
Michel de France

Avec ce Titre ...

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Apr 1, 2008

_______Musique étonnante et Détonnante . _______Je ne m'attendais pas à ça , ... _______La Pochette de l'Album est Trés Importante .


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Aug 14, 2011

Bel lavoro! Lo aggiungob al mio progetto! (per maggiori informazioni visitate il mio profilo)