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  • Published: Jan 23, 2008




Cosmic Lullabies is the sixth album from the Finnish ambient producer Doc and the Russian pianist Lena Selyanina, cosmic and meditative in its style and spirit.

The opening track Bell Meditation is a pure meditation song based on huge bell sounds that resonate and vibrate for extended periods of time. Gradually rising ethereal echoes from sacred eastern choral tradition mix with the bells to form a calm and majestic cosmic setting, perfect for deep relaxation and meditation.

The starting point for Neptune was Lena's beautiful impressionistic piano improvisation moving in G# Minor, "the bluest of musical modes", as Lena puts it. The piano then gets surrounded by a mysterious and meditative ambient soundworld. The entire 17 minute song can be interpreted as a long, symbolic probe-like dive through the blue, dreamlike gas layers of Neptune to ever deeper and darker realms, all the way down to the solid rock and metal core of the planet, and from there back to the starlight.

The final track Andromeda is an ambient voyage into the majestic sphere of our neighbour galaxy.

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Cosmic experience

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Feb 21, 2008

Ambient with big A. Not falling into the general new-age type easy listening, these soundscapes rise from the depths of the cosmos, bringing stardust and starlight alongside. The listener is sent on a journey through deep waters and cold emptiness of space. The sounds and engineering is sublime and atmospheres are woven together with accuracy and vision. I enjoyed the piano improvisation a lot also, brought welcome extra layer to the mix. Excellent work overall. There's lot of Serrie, Eno and Jarre here, but in deep slumber, as if they were in cryo sleep.

No words

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Jan 23, 2008

Ashtonishing ambient tracks. You all just have to hear, enjoy and undergo this.... No words, simply ultimate relaxing , moving and overwhelming.... Take yer time and listen.....


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Nov 4, 2008

Magnifique ! Les sons font vibrer, emplissent l'atmosphère et vous donnent des frissons ! A écouter dans le silence le plus total, c'est magique !
la_ poupee_ qui_ fait_ non

> Karmisch >

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Jun 15, 2008

Sphärische Klänge, die das Innerste berühren und bewegen, einen fort tragen.... Einfach phantastisch

Going very deep..

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Jan 24, 2008

Questo album è straordinario per il potere dei tre brani. Per godere appieno questa musica credo sia necessario essere sdraiati e ad occhi chiusi. Il suono del primo brano ha il potere di prenderti per mezzo della sua continuità. Allora seguirai ciò che accade in te stesso... andando molto nel profondo. Nel secondo brano torni in superficie ma purificato. Ascolti il suono del piano come lo ascolterebbe un bimbo. Nel terzo brano riprendi il viaggio e puoi sentire che tu come la musica stai divenendo rarefatto. Il tuo ego si dissolve. Queste tre traccie le ho trovate molto adatte per la respirazione olotropica. This album is extraordinary for the power of three songs. To fully enjoy this music think we need to be lying down and eyes closed. The sound of the first track has the power to take through its continuity. Then you follow what happens in yourself ... going very deep. In the second passage you return to the surface but purified. You hear the sound of the piano as an infant listen. In the third song you return inside, and you can feel rarefied, like music. Your ego is dissolved. These three tracks I found very suitable for holotropic breathing.

Cierra los Ojos

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Jan 4, 2008

Para momentos tranquilos. Apaga la luz o cierra los ojos....permite viajar. Ambiental neoclásica. Notable. Me gusta la portada del disco.

Cosmic Languages

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Mar 2, 2008


zen meditation

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Jan 23, 2008

with this album doc explores new ground as he takes us on a majestic ride through the galaxies of sound and album to space out too in a most zen like way
troll 69

Plages meditatives

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Jan 23, 2008

O Good!! That's a great meditation album Thanks a lot Mister Doc and Lena Selyanina No words more In my favorites Good continuation and inspiration Mitakuyé Oyasin


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Jan 24, 2008

three songs and trhee words... fucking amazing stuff!!!