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by The Chadderandom Abyss


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About this album

  • Published: Mar 21, 2008

I was writing a bunch of depressing songs about walking various places and over-analyzing various things in vague and cryptic ways and it was all very depressing and it all felt like the same circle over and over and over again and if I would've recorded them all, it would've been an entire album full of "Let Me Go", which I'm sure there are people that would be eagerly awaiting that album but that album just wasn't the album I wanted to record, though it felt like I was painting myself into a corner and thats all it seemed like I could do and I wasn't even doing it very well either.

How was I going to get myself out of this corner was the question. I joked about making a rap album, to give myself freedom lyrically to say anything and basically punch myself out of the corner, but wasn't really considering it until I was attempting to record one of the walking around and thinking too much songs and since my heart wasn't in it, I couldn't record anything the way I wanted to record it, decided it wasn't worth it, saved the less than a second of acoustic guitar that actually sounded good to me, decided to procrastinate instead of do anything productive, dropped it into fruity loops, opened piano roll and made some sort of bizarre nintendocore thing that caused me to get an evil smile and inspired me to make a nintendocore rap album.

Not that this is really a rap album or nintendocore. It just is whatever it is. All I know is that it was fun to make and thats really all I care about.

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