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by Doc


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  • Published: Mar 26, 2008

This is a dark ambient requiem for a soul in the process of shattering. It draws thematically from Ingmar Bergman's similarly titled movie whose female protagonist suffers from schizophrenia. Sampled lines from the main character's monologues/dialogues with God are used as material in the track. There is similar choral material here that can be found in Doc & Lena's Cosmic Lullabies album but instead of serving as spacious meditative background it serves here a more intense and darker role together with processed saxophone sounds and a church organ.


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Reviews for "Through A Glass Darkly (single)"

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Abdul Al Hazred

Dark Lullaby

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Oct 4, 2008

Great effort. It sends me away to places melancholy and Dreamy. Then it puts me back down again, gently. I'd like to see more too. AH

Dark & Warm

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Jan 4, 2008

WOW very impressive. The soundscape is splendid. I find it intruiging how one is able to create 'arrangements' like this. Dark, yet not frightning...warm, yet not embrassing. I feel stunned as a listener. As if I am an actual witness of a conversation with God. The concept is extremely well thought about ! If one has the ear to hear! I've had this requim for breakfast! What a healthy meal I had! Kind regards, o0o P.s. personaly I'ld love to see more songs on your albums.

Buen álbum

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Apr 22, 2010

Buen travajo... no hay duda es elcomienso del fin de algo. suerte un saludo argudin2000

Impresionante e IMPONENTE

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Dec 7, 2011

It is beautiful is Beautiful is wonderful is PERFECT is Cold and Dark It Is Is, Ho Not Ho Not, that is it, Is Is a spot, is a wrinkle, is an unperfection is, Extremely shortly


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Apr 25, 2010

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Distrubing, Reflexive, and Dark

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May 7, 2009

Excellent track, it really takes you the depth of disturbed human thoughts and show how dark a tortured soul can be. It's all about ambiance.

The second

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Aug 26, 2008

This is second album of Doc what I listened, it will be my favorite, too. The soundscape, the structure is on it's place. I would like to have an album in "Albumes similares" :), but for the present I'm not so handy:( Wait more like this and congratulation el amor y la paz!
Through A Glass Darkly

fascinating and frightening

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Mar 21, 2014

Wonderful dark theme that should not miss highly recommended to disconnect from reality and dream the deepest desires and Unreachable your heart
Through A Glass Darkly

dreams and fears

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Mar 21, 2014

I must also say that I had a dream a little shocking I use it to lull to sleep

Synapses in paradise

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Jul 6, 2009

I am constanly amazed by the quality of artists here on jamendo. Since joining and journeying through the realms of hidden talent here, I have not bothered with the radio and top 40 miasma that makes me want to scrub my ears with a wire scourer.I listen to nothing but jamendo artists now and if you have listened to more stuff from Doc, no doubt you will agree. This single is pure genius. It can take you anywhere, particularly if you haven't read the notes. You can cry, feel psychotic, like you found God, or maybe that you are ready to leave this ephermeral life, and yet it can make you feel so alive. Dark, and at the same time, enlightening. Wonderful.