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About this album

  • Published: Aug 9, 2008

Un album de musique électronique aux ambiances contrastées : des morceaux énergiques cotoient des morceaux d'ambience.

An album of pure Electronica.

Energetic tracks with some trance or dance elements : Hold Me, Red Link, The Failure, Conciousness at Zero Kelvin, So Real, DNA Helix

Ambient tracks  : Urban Interlude, Six AM, Born, Undead, Vanishing

"At the end, there will be the checksum of life...."



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un peu en retard

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Dec 9, 2008

moi je pense qu'en plein periode eurodance dans les annee 90 ca aurai fait un carton .... bon j'admet a l'epoque j'adorais ca ca m'arrive encore de me mettre a fond real to real i like to move it ou 740 boyz avec shimmy shake mea culpa

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Dec 9, 2008

Dommage que JCRZ ne soit écouté que par ce système. Avec sa musique, il relève le niveau de certains artistes "labellisés" sans faire de pub. A quand, un album sur le marché national voir international

Bon album

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Oct 7, 2010

Encore une réussite que je télécharge,partage et mets dans mes favoris.Voila ce qu'on appelle un artiste.Merci.

Du son qui déchire !

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May 3, 2011

Des sonorités qui me rappellent pourquoi j'aime le genre électro/trance ! Je crois que c'est sans conteste le meilleur de tes albums ! Continue comme çà ! Du son pur et clair, sans fioritures, une ode à l'imagination ! Bravo


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Mar 19, 2013

Macht gute Laune

Music that even Zombies would rave to.

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Sep 25, 2008

The first track, Hold Me, starts off a bit energetic and fast. Sounds like the soundtrack to some kind of chase scene from a spy movie, or something. Perhaps something that would remind one of Juno Reactor's stuff from the Matrix movies. The vocals are well-placed, even though I'm normally one to dislike such vocal placement. I'm not too fond of the middle of the piece, though, where you lose most of the instruments for a few seconds, then it starts up again. It seems to break the flow of the music. I like the added piano, in certain parts of the track. Overall, I'm not too fond of this piece, but I don't dislike it, either. Sort of meh. I'd listen to it if it were playing, but I wouldn't seek it out. The next track, Urban Interlude, had a nice beginning. It was fast enough to get your attention, but not too fast, so that it was repulsive. I like the chorus of the "Ah" and the "Oh". Gave the music a kind of heavenly feel that I like. Makes it sound peaceful and calm, but that may be because I associated it with a church. I enjoyed this track very much, I especially like how the track ends by slowly removing the instruments and leaving the "Ah" and "Oh". Very nice. The third track, Touched By an Angel, immediately interested me because of the title itself. The track starts out with a fast beat that slowly builds up. Made me think of club music - which is what it was intended to be, of course. The different instruments compiled together well, giving the song a heavenly feel, as with the previous track, and I felt that the title fit well. This was also a track that I enjoyed. The fourth track, Red Ink, also starts off with a steady beat, and builds up on the beat itself for a while before there are accessory instruments added to help enhance the sound. The piece is very beat-heavy, if that makes sense. It didn't have very many other instruments, and focused mainly on the percussion-ish ones, or the ones that were used as percussion. Not repulsive, but not one of my favorite tracks. The fifth track, The Failure, had another name that attracted my attention. I like the way the track starts out. A beat is added later on, and the track slowly builds up. It has almost a juvenile tone to it, one that makes me think of school, staying up until 4 or 5 am and rushing to finish up a project that's due, part of the final exam. You feel like you're doing something, but you're tired as Hell and just want to go to sleep. That weird, energetic kind of anxiety. The track is pretty repetitive, but it wasn't boring. I enjoyed it. I liked the added touch of the beat getting more intense toward the end; added to the energy level of the piece. The sixth track, Six AM, starts out slow, adds a nice steady beat, and has vocals right in the beginning, though they're minimal. They sound very nice with the instruments that added in quickly, making the piece sound solid right in the beginning. The instruments have a good variation, I especially like how the piece itself changes in the middle of it, giving an interlude. A nice, calming and relaxing piece. The vocals were put in at good moments and not over-done. I also enjoyed how the track ended with the guitar. It was a nice touch. Ah, the seventh track, the album title track. The beginning of it actually sounds very similar to another track, from a previous album, Shadows of Silence, although I can't quite remember the track. It's a type of percussion beat that I'm not very fond of. The beat improves slightly as it builds up and other instruments are added. Once the synthesized piano (I will assume that is what that is) is added, it sounds much better. However, I don't feel that this track has enough variety with the instruments and sounds too repetitive. Again, it's not horrible, but not something I would seek out to listen to. The eighth track, Consciousness at Zero Kelvin, certain has an interesting title. The beat in the beginning of the track is equally as interesting, and not a common one. It sounds different. The piece builds up by adding a few instruments, but the beat is kept the same, and steady. The main instrumental part has a sad feel to it, at the same time like you're in the presence of something powerful. It makes me think of a knight returning to his home castle - a place of power and might, in his mind, and finding it either under attack or in ruins from a recent attack. The piece definitely has a good variety to it, keeping it from sounding boring, and the flow of the music isn't ruined. I enjoyed this piece. The ninth piece, So Real, started with a beat that I didn't like at all. Not that it was poorly done, just not something that I like to listen to. The beat takes a long time to build up, and it takes too long, in my opinion. Once the piece does start to build up, though, it starts to sound like something out of one of those movies where the hero is finally making his move to resolve whatever conflict there is. One of those things you might call "epic". One of those pieces that are actually supposed to feel your heart with that epic-ness, because holy shit, the hero is about to kick some royal ass and save the day. I enjoyed the piece, but I think the beginning doesn't quite match the rest of it. The tenth track, Born Undead, was yet another that attracted me by the title. It starts off with a dark beat that slowly builds up with the steady addition of several other instruments, each with a light and heavy contracts, tying the piece together. It reminds me of a zombie-night, with those little bastards rising from the ground, slowly but surely. I'll be honest and say that when I was listening, I wasn't expecting the vocals, and when I heard them, they actually surprised me enough to scare the shit out of me, because I couldn't figure out what was making the sound. The beat is slow, which is something that I'd normally complain about, but it matches the title. Zombies, man. The eleventh track, DNA Helix, is another one of those where I dislike the beat. It slowly built up to add fast-paced instruments which I didn't feel sounded good together. I thought that the vocals further ruined it, but I'm not a fan of that sort of vocalization. I felt that this track was too monotonous and didn't have too much variety. I don't hate it, but I dislike it. Just not my thing, although the production was very good. The sounds weren't illogical, if that makes sense; just not to my taste. The final track, Vanishing, starts with a steady beat that takes some time to build up. The build up is done with "dark" sounding notes, which I liked. The instruments that were added, as well as their notes, sounded very good together, and the song had a very well-compiled "spooky" feeling. I enjoyed it. Overall, this is a good album. All of the tracks were in the same theme-threshold. My favorite ones were 2, 3, 5, and 12. Keep up the good work. I look forward to your next album.
thomas kurek


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May 16, 2013

Track : Touched By An Angel

This song isn't really a song... IT"S BETTER I liked the beat


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Feb 5, 2009



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Mar 14, 2011

meloman 1968


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Jan 13, 2009