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by StrangeZero


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About this album

  • Published: Apr 10, 2008

The NeverLands is the 4th official album, written, performed & produced by StrangeZero in 2008.

The sounding is more nostalgic as well as ambient oriented & experimental in many ways. Some up-tempo tracks are included in order to keep the bridge between “mind tripping” and “body moving”. The majority of tracks are “transformed” in the middle, so listen to the whole trip before arrivingto The NeverLands….


"The Neverlands" has been re-mastered and re-released in studio quality in 2011.


    • Click HERE to download the album in high quality re-mastered MP3 from Dropbox (320kbps)
    • Click HERE to download the album in Full Uncompressed quality (FLAC format re-mastered) from Dropbox.

Thank you all for your love, kindness & support.

Our deepest Love & Respect

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Reviews for "The NeverLands"

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Brilliant work

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Nov 14, 2008

Definitively enjoyed this album. Each track is magnificent drive by itself and all come up together in complete compact voyage with great ambience and a bit 90's trance feel and Toby style ambient dub, which is my fav. Enjoyed every part of it. Thanks for sharing this one. Looking forward for more of these... >o7

.Voyage Aérien et Cosmique

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Jul 10, 2008

"Le zéro ne représente rien mais peut donner naissance à d'autres nombres." Mais quand en plus il est associé à "Strange", alors il faut être prêt pour le décollage...! On est au point de jonction de la métaphysique et de la poésie: pas rien ça! De toutes façons, je n'invente rien, il y a un lien entre les maths et la musique, et puis le comble c'est que ça "balade" si bien. Alors allons-y les amis....c'est super, aérien, et cosmique (je ne fume que "mes" cigarettes...dont je ne donne pas la marque.) Le 2ème morceau est trop bon. Encore un coup de mon ami SYL2Oh, il a le chic pour m'envoyer de bonnes musiques! 7ème morceau: chant oriental, venu de loin, pas de doutes ça fait bien voyager... Nous somme issus de tant de planètes...nous croyons connaitre nos origines, mais elles nous dépassent. Alors avis aux amteurs de voyages spaciaux....

A sad, but good end...

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Jul 10, 2008

The Neverlands starts off strongly as an ending, a fruitful, enjoyable stay hopefully. Sector9 retains the mood, in a different, exquisite fusion. Airbook, with its height, maintains altitude with attitude. Cruising along in an uplifting manner. Then, Conspiracy Theories tootles into existence, building slowly, expanded gracefully into full view. Some lovely moments amongst this strange ambience of paranoia. The tone gets a bit more serious in the middle. A Jarre-switch? Nicer, I think. Blue Screens cuts a curious atmosphere to start, chimes come into play, very soft with synth slithering around and echoing in the background. Then almost chant-like the keyboards join the fray, to the crescendo of voice sample and extra synthetic flourishes. Beat and rhythm kick in, nice and easy. There are a selection of experimental structures and sounds, to choose from throughout really, here and there, artfully placed. Then followed by Aerish, its start a touch garbled but soon, scintillating synthetic rhythm and noise form, upping the ante with its beat. Nice track again! Almost hypnotic vocal layer. Balkans Myth is quite stern to start, softened slightly with vocals chanting a soliliquy of confidence. Beat steps in and forms a simple structure for the musical ingredients, that are mixed the other way around, to create a stronger blend. The Best Band In Jupiter, for sure by Jove!-), strong, but durable and light, perhaps even gaseous. The beat/rhythm section seems to assert that sense. Airy and expansive. With Out & You, lovely burbling synths help form the structure of the firework display, sounds like a good outing to me. Thota Anemoplan is a nice ambient beginning for a track that despite its slow pace maintains itself and retains interest in what is to come. I think that is a talent rare in anything we do and express. Wonderfully peaceful. Hundreds Of Kilometers, train-station with a beat. Then synth takes the backgrounds' place and holds your command, as the variations begin to develop. It might be a sunny journey. Straight into the unreal bass of The First Bar Tender. Guitar overlain and crackles of synthetic noise, suffles into an almost jazz lounge effect. Exacerbated nicely by the use of piano. Anemic Love, is just suddenly there, and I'm a little taken aback. I'm not sure how to place it, the fusion is so subtle and difficult to nail down. Ambient is the only appropriate word that springs to mind. Then when the beat joins it all seems to make more sense now. It's a very cool, laid back track. Finally, The Neverlands, is a sad goodbye, but very apt. Thanks for all the sounds StrangeZero!-) Respect and good luck.


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May 8, 2009

Классный альбом....советую всем любителям подобной музыки....


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Aug 19, 2010

This album carries me in a delicious travel. Beautiful sounds, harmony of the melodies, just enough rhytmics. Very nice !
Fleur de ciel


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Mar 23, 2010

merci pour l'invit. j'aime bien Neverlands!

Really Did Take Me To Neverland... Wow.. I was So Chilled OUt Blown Away..

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Jul 5, 2010

This whole album, really did sent me to Neverland. and wow i loved it...i was so chilled out and in a perfectly wonderful state of relaxed mind and body. Just lapping up the this perfect atmospherically compelling music and amazing vocals on this bewitching album.Everything was done to a high standard, and mixed to perfection great as a stress free album to chill out and get excellent vibes from. Outstanding basically experimental, techno,electronic, ambient, vocals album in general. big thumbs up from me..

Like Time Traveling without Leaving the Planet!

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Aug 10, 2008

Wow...I love the thought of traveling to other planets when I watch science fiction...and this album takes me to other worlds via my imagination when I hear this music! I love the song, "Neverlands" is so beautiful.

Lässt sich hören

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Sep 29, 2010


A masterpiece

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Jul 10, 2008

Well, I’ve downloaded the neverlands and it was playing in loop all night long. This is an extremely well handed production, like most of strange zero’s work and in fact it is, in conceptual terms, way stronger than their other albums. The neverlands is years ahead of it’s time. Check for instance the epilogue for a prologue track, sector 9, blue screens and all other tracks which reveal a brilliant concept of future electronica, full of feelings mostly anger and love. I really fell in love with the neverlands track, what a great way to end this trip. On second thought, I can't really say which track I loved the most, as I loved the whole concept. I could listen to it the whole way through whenever I'm in the mood, and I get into that mood quite often. I'm glad there's a music group like this. I would suggest not only listening to this extremely professional work, but downloading it as it’s free when it shouldn’t be. I don’t know what influence they have, but in my personal opinion there is nobody out there to even come close.