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by Re-Drum


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About this album

  • Published: May 10, 2008

Music by Urriolabeitia Léo

Artworks by Pedebernade Marion


(cc) Some Rights Reserved - Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA

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Reviews for "Differential Analysis"

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Good album

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Dec 11, 2010

Wow, this is as close to Boards of Canada you can get whilst still being original. Great voice samples

Spójny materiał

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Oct 26, 2008

Porządnie zrealizowany materiał, wysoki poziom produkcji. Pierwsze na co się zwraca uwagę po przesłuchaniu kilku kawałków to fakt, że materiał jest spójny, przejścia między numerami są naturalne, całość "płynie". Ciekawie zglitchowana perkusja, szkoda, że bębny nie są trochę mniej syntetyczne - gdyby je trochę ożywić, to zyskałyby na tym całe kawałki. Melodie grane głównie na instrumentach elektronicznych, może się to podobać, słychać fascynację IDMem. Mimo takiego wydźwięku całości, który nie próbuje być akustyczny czy analogowy, jednak trochę brakuje mi ciepła w niektórych kompozycjach. Cały album jest zimny, co tylko potwierdza, że muzyka na nim zawarta jest spójna. Interesujące granie, polecam.


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Dec 29, 2011

This artist is top quality, especially this album, similar to the sound of Telefon Tel-Aviv.

Expontential effect...

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Nov 10, 2008

Tasty opening with Graphical. Spacious and large in structure, with plenty of room to fill with interesting bits, in between its return to the main theme. Syrk has a cool feel to it, nice intro and then it calms down. Quite an ambient track, until the percussion, re: drums, kicks in. This it does with a slightly different flair each time. The third track sounds very industrial to start, but then a lilting melody creeps up behind you and makes you feel a bit more comfortable. Then it, with the voice of a god, turns into the track proper. Then it reverts to its former self and then the two start to blend, cleverly done ambient:comparison work, I think. Radioinactivity, nice title, I like paradoxical statements sometimes and I like this track. It is the antithesis of Solar Enemy's 'Massive Radiation'. There is still structure, there is still quark, strangeness and charm, its' just not bothered, doesn't want to kill you, isn't a threat, it just is. Mute lab is just fantastic. The mix of sound sources and the whole structuring of the track is spot on. Well, it hit my button!-) Pepone Cycle wheels its' way along quite peacefully and is full of variety of intricate detail. The Flying Cat begins in a very mellow fashion, stitches in a good track and fuses them well. Nice variety within the tracks all the way through so far and I don't imagine the rest to be any different. Reconstruction, again slighty industrial in feel to begin with. The voice sample makes me think of some country trying to regain its political feet and reconstruct. The appeal seems to be national spirituality. Cathodic has a slighty unsettling feel to it at first. Percussion makes it more palatable as do the rolling synthetic layers and especially the piano and that peaceful harp noise. Again, a nice variety of sounds used for melodies. Overall, a really cool album with heaps of variety within its lovely musical structures. Nice One!-)
On The Mission From God

! good, quality !

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Aug 6, 2011

massimo liverani

Un lavoro estremamente interessante

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Feb 26, 2010

E' da diverso tempo che ascolto questo artista che riesce sempre a stupirmi. Un lavoro arioso e anche se lo si può iscrivere nei canoni classici è sempre sopra le righe, spesso basta una piccola incursione rimbrica per fare la differenza e senza dubbio questo lavoro donota un grande gusto per l'arrangiamento sempre attento e rigoroso. Ottimo lavoro quindi, Graphical La prima traccia è fantastica è veramente un piccolo capolavoro, degne di nota anche Radioinactivity, Reconstruction e Cathodic.

Krank, abwechslungsreich... genial!

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Nov 28, 2008

Selten ein so abwechslungsreiches und trotzdem wie eine Einheit wirkendes Electro-Album gehört. Trip Hop trifft auf Noise, IDM und Oldskool-Jungle, minimalistische Melodien treffen auf steinharte verzerrte Beats ("Radioinactivity"), 8-Bit--Störgeräusch-Gefiepe auf Electro und E-Gitarren ("Mute lab") oder Dschungelgetrommel auf Speed ("Cathodic"). Rhythmisch wurde äußerst intelligent arrangiert und die Effekte sind gezielt und extrem effektiv eingesetzt. Nur das repetitive "Graphical" wirkt in seiner eher konventionellen Machart wie ein Fremdkörper. Für den Freund experimenteller Elektronik ein echter Geheimtipp!

Des influences et pas mal de savoir-faire !

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Mar 11, 2008

Très bon album, plein de petits détails bien fouillés. Le côté lancinant et un peu répétitif s'intègre justement bien dans le style. On reconnait vite les influences Warpiennes (enfin je crois, notamment Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Autechre,...). Les rythmes sont trés travaillés, plein de basses. Le tout est bien mixé. Vraiment bien foutu. Ravi de découvrir ce que vous faites, je vous surveillerai de près ;).
acid sicnarf

de la balle.

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Oct 15, 2008

bien joué ... vraiment c très interessant à écouté . c propre , (presque trop... mais c parceque je suis à donf de breakcore qui fait mal à la tête (des fois)... ) et ça se laisse écouté du début à la fin pour qui veut bien être au calme tout en étant transporté par des envollée psychédéliques ponctuelles ... les "cassures" rythmiques sont au poil , on ne s'ennuie pas et ça c bien. encore bravo. merde pour la suite. sincèrement .