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by suzzz


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  • Published: Oct 14, 2008

polilla records
Creado por ácaros para demás bichos del polvo
Algunos ruidos rescatados de los más polvorientos rincones del disco duro, a los que tengo bastante aprecio, y que han cumplido una década.

moth records

Created by mites to other dust bugs
Some noises rescued from dusty corners of the hard disk, which I quite appreciate them, and have achieved a decade.

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Oct 18, 2008

Carcoma Way has a lovely ring to it, nice and bold, it throbs and pulls you into its undertow. Crazy diversivications and good, strong structures of pulsing melodiousness. Then it backs off, concentrating on percussion. Another tuneful formation congeals and moulds its way into your ears. Feromonas Desconocidas begins beautifully. Soon there is rhythm and beat and pulsations. An excellent track with a wonderful amount of unique explorations of combinations of sound and rhythm. Again, it comes over with a special kind of strength and confidence, even when at its most diverse. Protesta Invertebrada is a frantic delve into your consciousness where you either bother asking yourself questions or you just accept it. I say, accept it. Need more please!-)