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by Adam Gordon


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About this album

  • Published: May 11, 2008

Very short album, that was made for amateur movie, which wasn't released finally. It's my first attempt in making soundtrack, background music.

Thank you AG

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Reviews for "Strange Morning"

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Dec 3, 2009

Dramatic from the outset. He Is Coming. Nice stuff full of a lovely passion. Light brings with it a lovely sound and then plaintive stringwork and quite a stark composure. Morning, and what a morning it is, the same again, but different and I respect why and am thankful in an appropriate manner, even if only to myself. God is everywhere, more than the 'dark matter' of the new scientists. Wake Up starts slowly and unfolds with graduation and that background hum of the world, that slowly recedes as the music wafts over you like a feather duster. That Day, is a whirl of activity which finds quite a harsh focus, almost intimidating and quite dark in a sense, still nice. There is much activity in Run, but is it a case of running from yourself and trying to elude that very thing you can never avoid? Finally, Nightmare, again another dark feeling track, maybe it's the realisation that the only monsters are the ones inside yourself. Maybe they are real, as in other people who are determined to wreak a revenge on you that you don't deserve, a societal nightmare on a personal level. Quite intense at times and it felt a bit rushed, but what a rush!-)

Wow, Profound,Stirring, Dramatic, Beautiful, Captivating, Atmospheric...

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Jun 21, 2009

Profound,Stirring, dramatic,atmospheric, beautiful, captivating,lovely, classical, ambient, passionate,string instruments music,that captures your heart, and your emotions as you really listen to this outstanding, master piece of an awesome soundscape of musical talent. Perfect for many a numbers of movie scores from dark, horror to thriller, to even maybe a scifi... This is talent.

Why not another Polish Great Composer ?

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Nov 11, 2008

I dont star this album, since it is a demo. But, listening to what you've done, I boldly suggest you one thing : why dont you try to compose a symphony or any other piece of neoclassical or contemporary for orchestra . I am sure, no matter the technical way you will choose, that you have the ability and skill to do it. And inspiration ? hope to hear you on this path.

Przyjemne miniatury

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Nov 15, 2008

Bardzo przyjemne instrumentalne miniatury. Nie jestem wielkim fanem typowej muzyki filmowej, ale ten minialbum cos w sobie ma, tworzy bardzo ciekawa atmosfere uzywajac do tego dosc ograniczonego instrumentarium.

Bon album

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Jan 20, 2010

malheureusement les titre sont trop cour , a voir l'evolution , en tout les cas tres sympas

Bande sonore....

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Jun 17, 2009

...pour thriller...Ambiance à vous donner le frisson, pas polisson du tout ! On est embarqué dans un univers inconnu, on avance pas à pas, des rats...? on enjambe Dieu sait quoi...les murs pourtant, au loin on l'entend ce piano, mais où est la sortie du tunnel ? fin du cauchemar ?... Quel Talent ! Bravo i Dziekuje !
Juan Canchales

Buen álbum

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Jan 17, 2010



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May 11, 2010

Bardzo ciekawy album, miejscami napawa mnie niepokojem. Zapewne byłby znakomitą ilustracją do obrazu, szkoda, że tego filmu nie udało się zrealizować.

Une recherche classique ???

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Nov 16, 2008

J'ai été fort surpris en écoutant cette composition, car on peut bien parler de componsition qui utilise des instruments classiques et des manipulations électroniques ! C'est un mélange surprenant qui peut faire penser que l'on est en face d'un nouveau compositeur polonais de très grand talent ! Bravo.

Good album

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Aug 20, 2009

Great "sample" soundtrack, brilliant musician