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by Of Echoes


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About this album

  • Published: Oct 12, 2008

Genre: Rock
Secondary Genre: Metal

Booking Region
USA / Canada
Mike Ringley
Argus Entertainment

Mix two parts razor sharp heavy guitars, with one part driving bass, and one part thundering percussion. Cover it all with Vocal sledge hammer and you have Of Echoes. This thought provoking band mixes cerebral lyrics with an experience that will leave you thirsting for more
Artist Information


Mike Ringley Lead Guitar, keys, Vocals
Ethan I Play the Drums- , Percussion
Jason McFall- Lead Vocals
Chris Nalley–Bass
Jake Nalley- Keys, Guitar


CD- Full Length--- Penance of Atrocities 4/2007
CD - full length - On the loose 1/1/2008
CD Full length – 30 Pieces-- In production
CD - Full Length - (R(E)volution 7/8/2006

Projected release date 4/1/2009
Of Echoes is the result of an unexpected break up of the band AKUMSRAZOR in 2006 with a song (Drama Queen) on the top charts in 15 countries. Mike Ringley the founder of “Akumsrazor” decided to start over with a fresh concept and fresh hungry talent. The initial process was to write all the music defining the concept flow and final result of a fluid album that is intended to move thru the entire emotional range that so many people experience thru their life. Starting at first with a short story called Penance of Atrocities a dark fantasy romance. The results of this concept produced sound track like aural adventure
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·         great CD
author: Cody Ryan    Actor Hollywood california
I have recieved the C.D. and I absolutly love it. I said it before you guys are something I have never heard before and it is a welcome sound. Pornomass is my favorite song. Only the Children and Devolvment are also really good songs. I had not heard those the songs until I got the C.D.
·         I love these guys – The Seattle Sinner
author: VG
but I have to let you know that your music is so incredible. It put me in a trance.. The strings are so beautiful and makes your sound even that much better.. It is very rare to hear a band like yours.. I can't stop listening to it. The whole composition is so is so deep. The voices are like Angels. I love the back up vocals, gives it a gothic, trance like feeling. It is so hard to put into words.. When I hear, I really listen to the whole band, and everything sticks out.. The mixing is awesome. You guys are so talented and blessed.. I have NEVER heard such a polished sound, like you have, It has a doom and the vocals are more than one of a kind but you have this haunting passion, when you sing.. Like a desperation and .has this hypnotic voice. The band, as a whole, is an is an inspiration.. I love the somber mood.. The band is very addicting! I can't get enough! I am honored and blessed to hear such a band.. Every thing about the band is AWESOME.!!! It is so deep and emotional. I even have trouble explaining the words that match your talent.. But I love you guys and I appreciate your music.. You are the BEST.. Please keep it up.. I look forward to hearing MORE!! All My Love, VG
·         dmn cool band
author: Normal
Hello From CANADA I Really Love Your Music. I Think Your Band Is The Most Unique Band I Have Heard Since (PINK FLOYD). Your Music Is A Welcome Change From ‘
The Norm. Ross Music Review Toronto News Press
·         frigin awesome
author: Jason - fan
Alright yall, all I have to say about your videos is....FUCKIN AYE!!! The cinimatography is just out of this world!! Was watching "Blood and Honey" and sitting here I was thinking, now I recognize some of these scenes but from where, didn't realize they were from “Arabian nights". Now THAT’S be able to take ancient videos and scenes from movies and splice them to come out with that video...hells yeah!! By the way, I'm not sure how long yall have known each other or have been working on your style...but it firkin works....don't change a damn thing. It's hypnotic and it draws ya in without ya even realising it. Yall have my greatest admiration for the way you treat music, with respect, the way it's supposted to be treated. Alot of these new bands never learned or have forgotten that music is not just notes on paper or how crazy a rift you can get, it's alive and it can move nations. I honestly think artists like Ozzy Osborn, Alice Cooper, John Lennon, they all had the right idea. People who listen to your music are very much going to listen to the message it carries in it's undertone. So again guys (and ladies), Damn good job. I grew up in louisville and remember going to 9-volt revolt concerts and hangin with the guys from "From Within" . Hell I'm only 22 and I remember when the freeway overlooking the great lawn came to a stand still during a 4th of july concert, and everyone started blowing there horns and screaming like there asses were on fire when the Star spangeled banner played over the speakers...don't seem like much to alot of people....but to be there in the middle of that crowd and watching more then half the city of louisville That was somethin else lmao. Well, I'm gonna go now...yall prolly think I'm half off my rocker by this point lol. Well you'd be right but thats besides the point lol. Later!! Ohh....if yall need an extra pair of hands or if your ever gonna be up in Ohio drop me a line, we'll se if we can't all go find some fun shit to get into. Jason Aka...Unforgivin Sins
Thanks for reviewing our material and we hope to be working with you soon
Mike Ringley
Argus Entertainment and Publishing
7650 Bradfordsville rd
Lebanon Ky 40033
(cc) Some Rights Reserved - Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-ND

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Reviews for "Penance of Atrocities"

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Fascinating Album

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Aug 1, 2009

It's great. I love this type of music. I want more .... !!!

Induviduality, Pop,Rock, Metal, Gothic

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Dec 19, 2008

I like the induviduality to these tracks,even thou, they are a mixture of pop, rock, metal, piano, gothic, with cool sounds samples, as well in them. Nice balanced mixture of tracks and sounds and lyrics and vocals. Well worth a listen.
T Robinson

Good album

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Feb 12, 2010

I kind of enjoyed the different sounding music, but the vocals didn't appeal to me as much. I really enjoy rock, but there's just something about the vocals that turned me off of this album. If there were a couple changes made with the signing, than this band could be really good.

Very good sound

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May 21, 2010

Keep on rockin' !! see you, Radien RDSK