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by Antony Raijekov


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About this album

  • Published: Jan 4, 2007

Collection of my works during the years 2003 - 2006. Mix of jazz, electronica, lounge and mellow tunes. Just collection of good mellow, music.

  • In track #2 (Moment of Green) are used samples from CDK(, backing vocals by Lisa DeBenedictis` Below
  • Track # (EXIT 65) is part of  OST to theatre play "NightSongs"
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Reviews for "Jazz U"

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music design

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Jan 24, 2007

this is a pearl between many jamendo tracks! its very professional and lounge-style-designed! best jazz-music ive heard for a long time! i simply love it!!!

one of jamendo's best

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Jan 27, 2010

Wow, I can't believe I never wrote a review of this album. I've listened to about 1500 albums on jamendo, downloaded about 250, and this belongs to my top 5. I listen to it over and over again. i never expected to enjoy it, but I did. Thank you! Here is the article I wrote about this and other albums

Très bon album

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Jan 10, 2007

Le lounge mais aussi un album by jazzy. Finesse dans la recherche musicale et l'instrumentation, le tout avec un très bon mix. Mon préféré : By the coast. Bravo !

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Jun 15, 2008

Au risque de me faire taper sur les doigts.. C'est du bon plagiat de Buddha Bar, donc du très bon lounge.... Deep Blue nous balance bien dans l'ambiance : coupe de Martini Rosso, olive verte immergée, pas feutrés, lumière tamisée... Et quelques accents de Gotan Project plus loin (Moment of Green), nos voilà face à face avec un style St Germain (Go'n'Drop)...accent funky, ambiance cozy....on se laisse entraîner... Plus loin, encore plus loin... Drop of Whisper : Bombai, au milieu des rikshaws, des joueurs de cithare, des étoffes et des sahris de toutes les couleurs tournoient dans une immense vallée verdoyante...les gammes indiennes se font toujours la part belle dans toute oeuvre lounge/chill-out qui se respecte ! De Ambiant M à Chillout me, on reste toujours dans le même sofa... du martini-olive, il ne reste plus que le noyau.... Fidder, St Germain revient, avec un Pina Colada cette la discussion s'étend, on se détend de plus en plus dans les coussins consensuels... Et While We Walk By the Coast, sous la lune, on se laisse porter par une douce nuit d'été, par Antony, sous l'oeil d'un Buddha bienveilant, heureux d'avoir un disciple si talentueux... Thanks Anthony for this piece of heart.... ;)

un genio

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Nov 17, 2008

qué atmósfera, qué sensación futurística

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May 1, 2008

wspaniale konstrukcje i fajny chill polecam

chill time

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Dec 10, 2009

eingängiges album, gut gemischt, schöne klänge - musik zum entspannen. gefällt mir sehr gut (^_^)

Tintes de electro y nujazz relajados

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Jun 16, 2008

Un estilo progresivo y contemporaneo muy agradable y facil de escuchar.

Top notch electro jazz

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May 4, 2009

Jazz U by Antony Raijekov is a superb recording full of atmosphere and vibe. Rather than a disparate collection of tracks arbitrarily thrown together into a release, it feels like a sonic voyage, expertly crafted and presented to the listener as an auditory vacation into marvelous and fantastic realms. Songs like Moment of Green ooze with dubby downtempo ala The Orb, while wisps of guitar and organ float by in the breeze. Go 'n' Drop combines subdued jazz instrumentation and harmonies with breakbeats for a slightly more dancefloor friendly variant on Amon Tobin's frenetic brush routine. Drop of Whisper is reminiscient of the Middle-Eastern-tinged downtempo of Thievery Corporation, and the epic EXIT 65, which transitions from low key jazz breaks to driving tribal tech-trance evokes the early '90s classics of Banco de Gaia or Future Sound of London. But, despite these comparisons, the voice of Raijekov is present throughout the recording. The sound of Antony Raijekov is noticeable in its atmosphere, its presence. There is a noticeable air or space in the recordings; the ambiance which propels the recording like a river flowing downstream; the invisible hand of the songwriter which carries the listener along. What is unique about this recording is that it covers a lot of ground, the sonic palette constantly shifting and moods subtly changing, but it all progresses so naturally. That is to say, the artist has a maturity that results in the progression of moods and genres sounding natural. Tracks like Lightout have a brooding presence that would be right at home on the soundtrack to the next Batman feature whereas the track While We Walk is a pleasant Bossa that could be found on a Bebel Gilberto album. The fact that the album holds together so well and flows in such a natural manner despite the wide range of music presented is a testament to the skill of its creator. Many albums in my record collection are good, but out of the good albums, not all are listenable. What I mean is that sometimes an album will be really good, but not that easy to listen to. Maybe it's too avant-garde or earth shattering or whatever, but some albums, however good they are, just don't get played all that much around this household. Well, this isn't one of those albums! It is both good and listenable, by which I mean to say that it both has artistic merit and is thoroughly enjoyable to listen to. Highly recommended for active listening or unobtrusively in the background while driving, at parties etc.

Bon album Lounge

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Jan 10, 2007

Voici un album lounge plutot interessant dans sa construction. Sansconteste, son point ort est le mixage tres équilibré de l'ensemble. Je dois dire que jen'ai pas percu la qualité de l'ensemble de l'album tout de suite. En effet, je le trouvais trop répétitif. Et il s'est avéré dix minutes plus tard que je l'appréciant pendant que je préparait un autre article pour mon blog. Cet album est un album lounge, et a prendre en temps que tel. Selon les différents moments de la journée, vous ne mettrez pas la meme musique. Celui ci a trouvé sa place chez moi, pendant que je travail. En effet, j'ecoute rarement de la musique en travaillant mais la lounge rempli parfaitement ce comble. Et plus particulierement l'album d'Antony Raijekov qui de temp en temps vous fait relever la tête pour repartir, plus inspiré dans ce que vous faisiez. Si vous aimez le style, téléchargez le, pour les autres, vous allez découvrir la lounge. Bonne journée, bonne écoute.