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About this album

  • Published: Jan 29, 2009



Voici mon septième album sur Jamendo incluant des compositions de décembre 2008 et janvier 2009 utilisant des nouveaux sons (dont des très beaux choeurs et ambiances). Il n'y a pas de thème général particulier et chaque musique vous entrainera dans son paysage  comme une balade au paradis d'ou le titre de l'album résolument Ambient ou New age.


This my  album n° 7  on Jamendo including new compositions of december 2008 and january 2009 using new sounds and ambiances (very nice choirs of human voices). There is no principal theme really but more like a walk in paradise so why the title of the album.

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Mar 23, 2011

Very beautiful music! Harmonious sounding!Bravo,Patroux!!!


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Jan 31, 2011

very good, magical^^

Veery Great Music ^.~

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Dec 27, 2009

Hey dear ^.~ I really like (no, not like)I love your beautiful Music and I'd love to hear it all the time ^-^b *gives you a golden Globe for the most beautiful music in World* I hope I hear more from this beauty of dreaming Music d^_^b

Magnifique Superbe

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Apr 26, 2009

Quel bel album mon ami,remercie jeanba,c'est lui qui m'as parler de Jamendo,alors nous voilà réunis sur ce site. NOS MUSIQUES SONT BELLES,j'espere que ça va le faire sur ce site. Amitiés Gilles
xenia la chamane


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Dec 20, 2009

j'adore tout simplement , cela me fait oublier la misère du monde , mais jespère que beaucoup prendront conscience qu'il faut agir pour notre terre


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Oct 2, 2011

una piccola storia per una grande musica! grande!

The balance of life passes through the beautiful music, such as this.

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Feb 22, 2011

When we acquire some conscience in this life, existential questions and doubts come along with it. Despite that a little thinking is surely beneficial, if for no other purpose at least to feed our convictions and beliefs, it's no use to debate ourselves with the dilemmas of life, simply because we are ignorants... completely. But there's something we can do... many things, in fact. Seize the moment and live for the day... gather the most possible amount of love and self esteem, being a good person whenever possible helps... appease and nurture our soul with beautiful and uplifting things like nature and music... which brings us, finally, to this album. There are a lot of good vibrations and calming waves coming out of it... at different times, in different tracks. Some, transmit to us inner peace and ethereal tranquility, others supply us with energy and confidence... others, simply feed our longing for beauty... and all, complete a very gratifying listening experience. Of course that there's no need to do all this thinking and associations, in order to appreciate this music. A pure listening pleasure is achievable, even when feeling happy and carefree. And in the case, it may help keeping us that way.

Unique, Dreamy, Mystical...Brilliant!

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Feb 22, 2009

So very comforting...thank you!!...just lovely!!!


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May 2, 2009

Ładne romantyczne ballady, super zastosowanie nowoczesnych sampli i instrumentów elektronicznych. Gratulacje. Pozdrawiam Nice romantic ballads, great use of modern electronic instruments and samples. I congratulate this album. With best wishes


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Feb 5, 2009

bel lavoro