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About this album

  • Published: Mar 23, 2009


Vienna Blue is the seventh album from the Finnish producer Doc and the Russian pianist Lena Selyanina. Where their earlier production has been predominantly ambient in nature, these are more intense songs building strongly on Lena's sophisticated piano compositions and her emotionally touching, expressive pianism. Stylewise the album moves in the genres of avantgarde, neoclassical, jazz and blues.

The album got its original inspiration from Franz Schubert and his music, Schubert being Lena's favourite classical composer. Some tracks like Wanderer, Doppelgänger and Der Leiermann contain recognizable musical and thematic references to Schubert's works; for the rest of the tracks, the association is more indirect. Get ready for an adventure into strangely beautiful and imaginative music!


Note! A 24bit audiophile version of the album is available as a torrent from Mininova.

Full hi-res cover art for the album (including Lightscribe file for the CD) is available from album's Internet Archive page.


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Reviews for "Vienna Blue"

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Ruediger Kramer


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Jan 4, 2009

wandering through a wonderful world of dreams, sounds like a music we can listen to often

wandering in a blue city

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Dec 4, 2009

Here is an album that presents us a music deeply atmospheric, dreamy, wandering as might be a walk aimlessly through a city cold and blue, probably very beautiful but also disturbing. Piano, very present, gives the tone of each song and provides this part of the imagination which it creates perfectly. I totally agree with the review of Ivan, quite in full, as usual. I do not know why, but your music makes me think of the picture "The Third Man", which action took place in Vienna, thou it has nothing to with the picture original soundtrack. It must be what your music makes me feel ! Very good work. Thanks for the share.


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Mar 8, 2009

Schubert to klasa sama w sobie. A tutaj jeszcze dostajemy Doca na dodatek. Więc musi być dobrze. Jeśli ktoś słuchał poprzednie dokonanie duetu Doca i Leny, dostanie rzecz bardzo podobną. Świetna mieszanina pokręconych, ambientowych dźwięków i fortepianu. Podoba mi się, a ja raczej za ambientem nie przepadam. Ścisła czołówka twórców z Jamendo. --- Zmieniam ocenę o dwa oczka w górę. Z czasem tylko staje się lepsze.


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Mar 4, 2009

Doc; Bienvenido tu album a mis favoritos. El Piano siempre ha sido para mi la magia que me encanta, atrae y enamora. Tus herencias y raices de los grandes clasico de ayer, estan presentes en tu ejecucion mezclada con estilos o generos contemporaneos. La musica cuando eleva los sentires y alimenta el alma, siempre sera admirada y aplaudida. En mi caso, lograste por minutos, mientras escuchaba , llevarme a planos espirituales de calma, paz, armonia y quietud. Porque no, tambien aprendizaje, para nutrir cada dia mas el alma de melomana que llevo dentro. Te deseo la conquista de nuestro mundo con tu musica y espero ver que tus contadores alcancen cifras insospechadas y muchas, muchisimas reseñas. De Mexico con Amor. ERva Maria

Le plaisir s'insinue partout...

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Feb 4, 2010

Une oeuvre qui demande une attention particulière, l'effort pour l'écouter est nul. Tu te surprend à fermer les yeux… et tes mains ne cherche plus rien à faire… elles sont la à te caresser les avant-bras et la poitrine… les frissons sont au rendez-vous… le plaisir s'insinue partout, tu ne cherche plus à comprendre… Je ne peux dire plus pour l'instant car sont écoute ne peut être fait en faisant autre chose… Une de mes belles trouvaille… Merci Perduss


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Jan 13, 2010

Is that relaxing or what? Incredibly good stuff. Thank you.


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May 26, 2011

POWERFUL . . . Emotional . . . Dreamy . . . the piano has such a rounded and colorful voice . . . and tells the most amazing tales while I listened breathlessly . . . I was swept away in passionate amazement. These avant-garde pieces were stunning in beauty and yet were edgy and experimental enough to paint vivid mental images . . . these were such rich compositions that the listener had to listen carefully so as to capture every nuance as if literally starving . .. . hungry for the music; for every crumb of it . . . This is music you must pay attention to . . . this is not your common everyday background feel good music . . . this is true art! Jazz almost always makes me think of the night time city . . . active, energized . . . hot and steamy . . . and so very lonely . .. while in the midst of a glittering crowd . . not one eye meets another . . . everyone going somewhere with nowhere to go. . . Swiftly the tides of emotions sweep through us though we are mainly sad . . and we are somewhat lost . . . and though we have dreams . . . they are adrift in a swirl of colors . .. and geometric patterns. . . so we wander through the hazy smoke, tears streaming . . . until the rising sun dispels the night time lies. . . and we wonder where or how it will all end . . . while we sit alone and cry beneath the spreading blue sky yet held together by the lovely notes of an echoing piano . . . and though we sit lonely .. . . we are not alone for we are accompanied by an expressively vocal music . . . so profound . . . and so beautiful . . .

Romantische Wanderung

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Jan 4, 2009

Da ich Schubert ganz gern höre (ein bekannter Berliner Radiomoderator spielte am Ende seiner Sendung immer Franz Schubert -- Gute Nacht, was seinen Teil dazu beitrug), gefällt mir dieses Album auf Anhieb. Klassik höre ich gerne gelegentlich als Kontrast zu meinem sonstigen Musikvorlieben. Heute schon zum zweiten Mal auf Jamendo. Alle Kompositionen sind wunderbar und Lenas Pianospiel ist hervorragend. Zusammen mit dezenten Sounds aus dem Bereich Ambient aber auch Streichern und anderen Instrumenten entsteht ein intensives Hörvergnügen. Der Wanderer, als opener, ist das empfehlenswerteste Stück. Auch Impromptu zeigt die Vielseitigkeit, die Doc in seinen Kompositionen erzeugt. Songs mit Tierstimmen ziehen mich irgendwie an, hier ist es eine Kuckucksuhr. Sehr nette Idee. Danke für diese große Musik!


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May 24, 2010

mágnifica fusión entre la escuela de Berlin y la de Vienna

The keys unlock the door to the passion...

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Jan 4, 2009

At even more of a disadvantage with Schubert than I was with Debussy, but I don't think it really matters. The point is what is happening now, and already from stark atmospherics to beautiful piano. Tenor sax and guitar, but it is well-balanced and spacious enough to not be overbearing. I am a bit of a wanderer, since running away from home at fourteen. Marriage and children have settled me down somewhat, otherwise I wouldn't be here now. And, yes it is still a bit of a trudge at times but I am thankful for what I've got. However, once a nomad always a nomad, only now I travel virtually. Let's face it there's plenty of places to be in cyberspace, too many maybe. Quite a soulful piece of creativity, and it captures something of the essence of being on the move constantly and it's not just down to the crunching snowscape. Doppelgänger is a curious place to be, confronted with your soul twin. Magnificent piano work, and I like the way it takes centre stage. It's quite bright and optimistic to start, but then the tone changes. Like a slow realisation of what you are faced with. I am confined to the house for a lot of the time for various reasons, and don't get much chance for reflectivity beyond what I experience via my cybergate. Here I feel I have encountered those of my ilk, people with whom I can connect. Some of them appreciate it, some do not. After my last jaunt at university, working on information technology, I discovered that like any addiction, the virtual world is just a magnification of what the real world has to offer. Lena's keywork outstrips all other elements in the track, but that is a necessity due to the subject matter I think. It gets to the point, which is my point. And yes, I am being self-referential, I was at university, much to their annoyance. Water plays a large part in Doc and Lena's works, and storm sounds have been brewing in my mind over the last few days. Again, the piano comes to the fore and so it should. In fact, I would dare to say that the atmospherics detract somewhat from her powerful and spirited manipulation of this most excellent of instruments. I feel happier when there are the keys and some neoclassical sounds. I don't care much for the saxophone sounds, or the jazz effects much to be painfully honest. Impromptu, starts nicely and I am suitably impressed and satisfied with this. The fluted noise actually works in well, a complimentary fusion. A little scatter of harpsichord? Truly beautiful. If this is truly improptu, then there is magic in those fingers. The nature sounds and other samples, some of them a little curiously obscure are OK, though I don't feel really necessary. The track at its core stands up perfectly well on its own and is the best so far (I'm writing on the fly, as per usual. If I take time to reflect too much I will only confuse myself, and it makes what I create more intuitive and from the heart.), but there is more to come. Although, this is the best track so far. Could have maybe added some choral work, instead of the rather random sound bytes. I spent a lot of time in my formative years (aged seven to ten) listening to Chopin and Verdi. This track Naughty Waltz takes me back to a childhood of beauty, it has the buoyancy that Chopin was more than capable of and, not knowing much of Schubert, captures an essence of some of his (Chopin's) lighter work. His happier moments in composition, but also the profundity capable with the instrument at hand. Again, some seemingly strange word bytes are thrown in, though they don't detract. The percussion actually works well in the end as the tempo alters, and the dramaturgy increases, though I could do without the voice. Naughty is not always nice. Spoils it a bit. An Die Romanze, is magical, and here is the 'choral' effect put to good use, blends together wonderfully. This is a fantastic piece of neoclassical work. Poetry in motion indeed, almost brings tears to my eyes. Perfectly constructed. As it progresses the atmosphere begins to accumulate and to my joy, accentuate the central theme, with a profound passion. This is what I have been waiting to occur and for me proves my point. I could do with a whole album in this style, without the fripparies of additions, that work against, not even as counterpoint. Poignantly dramatic towards the end. Amazing musical creativity. The final track we are presented with what sounds like an accordian in a busy train station. A busker almost. Then the track begins to develop into a billowing soundscape of noise with a hint of melody. Choral effects come into play and work well, and slowly but surely that gorgeous piano reappears and becomes the focal point around which everything else is based. I think this was even attested to in the preamble of the original recommendation by Doc himself. Even the bass noise works better here, is that tenor sax again? Either way it is offset by scintillating layers of synthetic sounds. As they deepen it actually seems to lose some of its power, which strikes me as odd. Overall, I could have just listened to the piano improvisation and would have gladly given that a full ten, but I will be honest (and I do not see any point in being otherwise) and say that some of the additions to the piano work, actually detracted somewhat from the central passion and spirit of this album. Very enjoyable, all in all though. Minor niggles, and I have a very critical head on today.