playlist artwork#12 this weeknj(エヌジェイ) - n.j. from GBUC

by MenT@i


About this album

  • Published: Mar 27, 2009


All songs created by nj

I introduce nj songs by my album

Songs are GBUC site by CC 2.1-JP

Enjoy nj's world




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Reviews for "nj(エヌジェイ) - n.j. from GBUC"

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We need more J-Pop here!

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May 1, 2010

Honestly, I was about to give up on some music that barely resembled the J-Pop you often listen in the anime endings. But nope, here is some. You have stricken a mine of gold with this release, really.
Endy Tatsuke

Good album

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Dec 21, 2009

Wawawawa ^o^ I am very love your songs. Hm, so familiar on my ears coz I love watch anime :D Hehehehe. I am waiting for next album ^_^ (From Indonesia)

A very good Album

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Aug 5, 2009

I love this album. Great music. I hope to hear much more here on Jamendo soon. これからも頑張って! Greatings from Germany ^^


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Feb 8, 2009

Very taking tracks. Instantly keeping in mind. Really great work. I hope you will release more. Can't wait for it.
palov vidaurrof


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May 25, 2014

This music is beautifull.


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Sep 22, 2009

This album is absolutely awesome! Unfortunately it's the only japanese music album you can find at Jamendo :( I hope you'll release a new album in the near future ;)

Microsoft の翻訳は非常にニースと非常に素晴らしい CD を言います。 非常にクールな !

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Jun 13, 2010

Microsoft 訳者日本語を話さないが、この回優れているといいます。 あなたのライブを見たい ! うわー !Great Music!!! Great Artist!! I'm getting chills!!! Will the talented Japanese Artist please stand up? Bravo!!!

ハッピィケンキュウジョ is Awesome!

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Mar 10, 2009

This is such a happy feel good song. It's been on my player on repeat since I heard it. Thanks for this great track: ハッピィケンキュウジョ . Looking forward to hearing more tracks like this! :)
Lolo le 13

motto motto !!

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May 16, 2010

Encore ! Encore ! De la bonne jpop que je ne saurai que conseiller à ceux qui aiment les musiques du pays du soleil levant.
Sue Anne Chan

Licensing for this album

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Sep 30, 2014

Is this album up for professional licensing? Thanks.