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by Lena Selyanina


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  • Published: Apr 5, 2009

This is Lena Selyanina's modern take on the old Russian cossack song Oi Da Ne Vecher, conveying a mystical story of a cossack who sees a dream possibly predicting his own death due to the approaching 'eastern winds'.



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May 22, 2009

Cossacks I believe from memory (and possibly bloodline on my father's side, so maybe even a spiritual memory) were nomadic and lived in a very wild, inclement area of the world. That part of the world remains, subject to different threats and experiences now. The threat from the East was a very real transgression upon their lifestyle as Tartars. I find this track an immensely poignant interpretation, finely balanced using modern methods to transmit a sense of life where living in a hole in the ground was the only way to survive the weather, let alone the threat of enemy incursions. And they lend a sense to myself, with their fleet-footed horses and nimble skills as horsemen, making them formidable adversaries in any battle for survival, wherein Ivan the Terrible is a mistranslation, as in it should be the 'formidable'. Nicely done, and well worth me stepping out of my system for. It does not make me want to shed a tear, but stand proud, for I feel it does them justice. A fine testament, to a fine tribe of people from the early days of Russian history. Thanks yet again, for your formidable work Lena!

...Tiré du Folklore Russe...

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May 30, 2009

...Chant cosaque émouvant aux larmes par le thème, l'interprétation par un Choeur de grande qualité, et l'atmosphère puissante... Merci et Bravo et Merci à La Voix du Silence pour la recommendation


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Mar 23, 2010

This is the first Russian folk song I ever heard. I want to hear lots more! The instrumental arrangement impresses the hell out of me, and the vocal harmonies are a little reminiscent of Enya, but much, much cooler! Lena, your piano and keyboard skills are fantastic, and now you've shown that you kick arse as a vocalist too! You should totally sing more! One thing I have to ask - where can I find the lyrics? Preferably rendered in the Roman alphabet, because I can't read Cyrillic. I've googled and googled, but can find nothing. Anyway, this song is amazing, and I'm going to make all my friends listen to it!
dirty dj

le vent des steppes

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Aug 1, 2010

superbe et émouvant magifique complainte


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Aug 18, 2011

Por la dinámica musical, la precisión de la voz, por ese aire totalmente ruso, melancólico y evocador...por todo, este trabajo es IMPRESIONANTE.Felicitaciones.

Muy Buena!

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May 5, 2009

Una fusiòn muy bien lograda entre la instrumentaciòn contemporànea y la canciòn tradicional rusa, aunque creo que en los arreglos se pudo haber hecho mucho màs. Me hizo recordar a las "Voces de Bulgaria". Quiero màs canciones!!!

Absolute disaster

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Jul 3, 2011

I'm stunned. This is so bad that I don't know where to start... The song is so beautiful and touching that such dull interpretation feels almost like a crime against humanity. Firstly – the singing. Completely devoid of passion, lacking the dynamics – so terribly necessary in this song. Speaking of terribleness: the way the vocal line is divided between several voices and then mixed together – just lousy. No creativity, no reason, no added value. Where are these vast Ukrainian plains, where's this feeling of longing, where's the needed space? Everything is so flat and claustrophobic like it was recorded in a bucket full of water. The vocals are completely overwhelmed by music, what could be probably bearable, if it was of good quality. But it is even worse than singing. Horrendous drums deliver a final blow to already seriously injured recording. Not only they are low quality electronic samples, stinking of plastic - as unsuitable in an atmospheric folk song as it is virtually possible – but what worse, they are too loud and distinct. Each beat of a hi-hat is like a nail hammered into the heart of this beautiful melody. So out-of-place, killing all the atmosphere. The end result is primitive plastic electronica with some folk wailing in the background. Shame. Real shame. Having said that I must add that two elements are really good: firstly, vocals themselves (not to be confused with interpretation) – the vocalist is talented; if only she learned how to express the feelings. Secondly, piano is very good – well played and no ugly plastic sound here. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to save the song. A final note: I was pondering over the enthusiastic reviews and ratings this monstrosity received to this date. The most probable explanation is that for the Western ear the Russian folklore is so exotic and the melodies so touching and haunting, that the beautiful tune by itself is enough to play with their emotions. They are so moved by the melody that they don't notice the flaws of interpretation or don't recognize them as such. Therefore, I would like to ask anyone preparing to rate this piece with more than 6/10, to check out the two below songs: If you still feel like rating it with 10/10 after hearing them, please go ahead. The first one is another version of the subject song. It is not perfect, but still hundred times better. I'd give it about 7.5/10. Unfortunately, I didn't find any version deserving 10/10 rating, so the second song is “Zoriuszka” from the great folk band Werchowyna. This is how Eastern Slavic folk can be played, my friends... And I dare you not to shed a tear...


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Nov 17, 2010

Lena, I listened to this many times in a row, for almost 2 hours. I don't understand a word but it's beautiful and makes me cry. Can you please write out the lyrics in Russian with this type of characters? I found this English translation (is it correct?): Oh, it's not evening, it's not evening I can barely sleep I can barely sleep Oh, in my dreams I see And in my dreams I see A black horse under me Playing tricks Making jokes before me Oh, evil winds flew Yes, from the eastern side, And they took away my black hat From my stormy head And they took away my black hat from my stormy head. But our brave captain was very clever He guessed the meaning of my dream He said: soon will disappear your stormy head

Достойно памяти предков ...

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Apr 24, 2010

Уважаемая исполнительница, Елена Селянина с большим мастерством и чувством исполнила певческий памятник русского народа, казаков Приуралья и Дона. Песня достаточно часто исполняется в России, но только за рубежом ее исполняют с глубоким чувством уважения к традициям и истории народа. Елена превзошла своей аранжировкой и постановкой вокала многих современных исполнителей и привнесла в историю исполнения этой песни новый пример отношения к культуре своего народа.Честь ей и хвала!Браво!

Dobry album

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Jun 7, 2009