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by Chris Skinner

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About this album

  • Published: May 27, 2009

Chris Skinner's first full solo release, "The Symphony" is a move towards towards establishing a definite and recognizable sound. Following on from his first release - "Moscow Satellites EP" -Chris attempts to tie down across 10 tracks a wide range of influences and merge them together under his own banner to create an album steeped in richly layered guitar licks, rumbling basslines, and soaring vocals. 

Ever uneasy as a singer and frontman, Chris looks to showcase the guitar and songwriting skills he posseses, whilst, for the first time, bringing to the forefront in his mixes what vocal talent he retains. 

The 10 tracks look to highlight a progression in both style and technique from the aforementioned EP and are reminiscent of a musician very much still developing as a recording artist. 

A modern take on some classic sounds, and a veritable mix of  PopRock and RockPop genres come together to create an album I hope will enjoy. Thanks for listening! 


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Reviews for "The Symphony"

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An interesting sound

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Jun 6, 2009

You have a voice that's half-way between Paul Weller and Pete Townshend, and a playing style that has both sting and melancholy in equal amounts - something that's not been heard since the early days of Joe Jackson. Your album is very well sequenced and just the right length - no filler whatsoever. It was a pleasure to listen to - thank you for sharing!


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May 29, 2009

good work , very well , beautyful voice ,for the track 1 ,maybe whit a good arrangement its will a hit ! Greets !
Federico Manfredi


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May 29, 2009

Un buon rock tutto di chitarra.Bravo

Good album

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Jun 6, 2009

The album is very good, and I completely agree with the opinion that its material is already quite mature. I'd say it follows the brit alternative mainstream (yes, the word combination is pretty funny) more closely than Moscow Satellites, which remains my personal choice. The bluesish Cat's Eyes, nevertheless, is very sexy, so it definitely warms the soul of an oldtimer as me) All in all, the album definitely worths the time it takes to listen to, and — believe me or not — the cover design is its weakest point (among a very, very few).

Gutes Album

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May 30, 2009

kann man da nur sagen. Moscow Satellites , das Erstlingswerk fand ich unglaublich gut. Auch dieses Album kann wieder überzeugen, nicht zuletzt durch diese Stimme. Aber mir persönlich gefiel Moscow Satellites noch einen Tick besser. Nichts desto Trotz immer einen Download wert. :)

Great Rock

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Apr 6, 2009

This second album is similar great like the first! Here i like the sounds and the voice, which goes sometimes in the direction of the great "The Who". Really fine, melodic and powerfull 70ties Rock witn new influences. It's nice to hear such music still at this times... thank you twotimes for sharing your great albums Kosmick
Listen To The Music

Bon album

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Jun 13, 2009

Chris Skinner nous gratifie de son nouvel opus à consulter sans tarder avec un nombre de titres plus étoffés, c'est du tout bon....

A Mature Follow Up

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May 29, 2009

After the warm reception to deput EP 'Moscow Satellites' it was always going to be interesting how Chris Skinner would follow this up. And now we know, with a 'Symphony', it seems. The pop-rock flicks remain, and offer plenty of moments of the odd feeling of Jerry Cantrell guesting with Snow Patrol. More comfortable creating a sonic landscape, the music may benefit from a more prominent place in the mix for the often catchy vocals, which would further solidify the pop foundations of this record. A diverse and likeable record, stand-out moments include the title track and the intense sonic tapestry of 'You & I' and 'Gold'. Together, these songs offer a form of brutal pop-rock. Yet the 'Alabama 3-esque' driving rock of 'Everything & Nothing' just begs for a convertible on an endless Route 66, with the 8-track jammed to this track, and you wouldn't mind.

Enjoying it so far, any chance for the lyrics to be posted?

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Sep 9, 2009

Nice stuff. Would lyrics be too much trouble to post? drew