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by SaReGaMa


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About this album

  • Published: Nov 3, 2007

Note that  this music is free only for personal listening and it CAN'T be used for video production, unless you have a written permission. f you intend to use this music in professional, promotional or commercial projects such as corporate use, video production, promotion, website, podcast, advertising,  performing arts, music on hold, radio, TV, background music and such, please contact me to obtain a license or use Jamendo PRO.

 This album starts with recent works and ends with early works, some of them are even from the past millenium.

Special thanks to the Jamendo artist Matti Paalanen for providing guitar samples for Clouds Fly As I Smile. You can find the original in his album Hollow

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Reviews for "4D Reality"

49 reviews

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I like this kind of music!

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Mar 13, 2007

As a big fan of ambient,world and chillout music...this one is a must-have! Great soundscapes,ambience and dreamsequences! Sit down...take a deep breath and relax! The summertime begins right now if you listen to this music. Outstanding!


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Jun 4, 2007

Tout simplement excellent! Le niveau est professionnel et la qualité du son, les balances, tout est vraiment excellent...

Intimate Trip

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Mar 14, 2007

Thanks for the trip! It was a real pleasure!
troll 69

Research your center

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Dec 3, 2007

Créating is on your center.We find this kind of méditation in yours art's compositions . We have to research the concentration in the Dan Tian (chinese term) or hara(japanish term)to create,to love,to have compassion. Indian musik,native american musik,aborigen musik,african musik and Chamanic songs,musik permit me this inside silence and meditation. A quiet moment to found energy and inspiration. A quiet moment to thanks Universal Mother Earth and father. Thanks for your albums and their marvellous sonorities. And thanks at the all "ambient"compositors:Karim Amari,Project Divinity,David Aubrun,David Shombert,enoz,Whiteyes,Ehma,Celestial Aeon ProjektAdam Certamen bownick... Fragments fluts on track 4 is like tracks from Carlos Nakkai,one of the best North amerindian flutist. All of your tracks are beautiful peace's moments but i prefer chandra loka,fragments,wind in my hands,Forest spirit,trilogy Have a good inspiration SaReGaMa

Real SaReGaMa!

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Jun 25, 2008

Now this one is one of your best works. It has that invisible SaReGaMa imprint, that particular trademark of yours engraved in the sounds and this makes this album very special. Long, complicated and beautifully laid down sounds. Each and every track needs a lot of listening in order to appreciate the hidden beauty. Each and every channel is precisely engineered by the dude to make this album a great listen. 1. Shanti: Muahwahawow! What a great remix! Great! This one is a surprise package! 2. Clouds Fly as I smile: This track was a great remix. I have already listened to the original soundtrack and found it very light to the ears. But the way you have added effects and beats, it makes the tracks very lively. 3. FonkyS: Scratching....scratching? Good music but not exactly to my liking. 4. Ngwiza: This one is my favorite. Music with a pleasant mood. I don't have enough words to describe the complete album. But if works like this keep coming up for free then I think it will revolutionize the listening experience and mode of people.

Musica suau

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Jan 4, 2007

Album de musica suau, de molt bon escoltar. Permet treballar i escoltar-lo, encara que sigui intelectualment, sense interferències. M'agrada.

polish review/english summary

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Aug 12, 2007

Trudno jest mi napisać cokolwiek konkretnego..ten album jest olśniewający! Szczególnie interesujący jak dotąd wydaje mi się utwór Samsara..ale z każdym odsłuchem odkrywam coś nowego.. It's just extraordinarily beautiful!

Variety Sonice-depth

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Oct 20, 2007

I was very pleasantly surprised when I found SaReGaMa 4D reality on search for psychedelic. trip hop, world music, melodic, chill without being derivative or trite are all words and feelings that come to mind. I will definitely check out some of the other music this artist has-3 other albums here I think.


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Nov 27, 2007

Beaucoup de classe,de grasse,de finesse,de musicalité.........etc.......etc.....ça me touche beaucoup,bravo et merci.JP


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Oct 30, 2007

Vraiment très agréable à écouter, bravo !